How Good is Vitamin D For You? – Infographic

Vitamin D is the new rock star of the vitamin world. To read further on its benefits check out: Vitamin D and Cognitive Function, Vitamin D Deficiency May be Linked to Heart Disease, Vitamin D Deficiency May Compromise Immune Function, Calcium and Vitamin D Help Hormones Help Bones, Vitamin D Improves Mood and Blood Pressure in Women with Diabetes, Vitamin D and Your Body – Harvard, What are the ABC’s of Vitamins?



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4 responses to “How Good is Vitamin D For You? – Infographic

  1. faaabulous!!! im off to Madeira for my dose of VitD very soon 🙂


    • Congrats on Madeira. Just be sure to bring sunblock along, too. You can get all the Vit D you need in 20 minutes of sun, after that you need sunscreen.


      • 🙂 always wear a sunscreen… So does it actually BLOCK OUT the intake of VitD?


      • Yes, that’s my understanding, but I have seen items on the web that said some Vit D gets through. There is one from the Daily Mail that says a lot gets through, but the New York Times says a lot of the Vitamin D is blocked.


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