How Important is a Good Night’s Sleep?

Sleep may be the most underappreciated aspect of living a healthy life. Here are some posts I have done over the years to update you on this critical bodily function.

Sleep Habits Affect Body Weight and More

What Are Healthy Sleep Habits?

How Much Sleep Do I Need?


Sleep and the Brain

How Inadequate Sleep Can Hinder Weight Loss

Do Seniors Need Less Sleep?

How Do Sleep Habits Change for Seniors?

How Does Sleep Affect Body Weight?

Brain Fitness

Oleda Baker on Health and Beauty Benefits of Sleep

Senior Sleep Habits Damage Memory – Berkeley

How About 30 Insane Facts About Sleep?

More Bad News About Inadequate Sleep

Five simple steps to a good night’s sleep- Harvard


#Sleep is important for your #brain #health as it helps to clear out toxic proteins — #medicine #medicineexplained

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6 responses to “How Important is a Good Night’s Sleep?

  1. Sleep…..absolutely essential. I really enjoyed this read

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  2. Tracey

    How do I learn to have more sleep need it

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  3. The doctor tells me I need more sleep. But he could not tell me how to do it. Do you have a resource to detail how to improve my sleep?

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