Important Facts About Your Brain (and Exercise Benefits)

I took a course in the brain last year and learned some fabulous facts. Your brain weighs 2 to 3 pounds, less than two percent of your body weight. I bet you would never guess how many calories this mass of curlicues in your head burns in 24 hours. You need around 2000 calories a day to maintain your body weight.

You can find the answer here:
The Brain is a Calorie Burner
Following are other items on the nature and function of your brain and the relevance of exercise to a healthy brain:

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WebMD has a fun quiz on the brain you can take here.



12 responses to “Important Facts About Your Brain (and Exercise Benefits)

  1. thanks for sharing! this is interesting.

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  2. Fascinating post in what looks like an interesting blog.

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  5. Daniel

    So true,i find exercise,has made me sharper easier to deal with stress,recently lost 114 lbs in 5 1/2 yeah feel like I’m 18’again.sleeping better than I had been.was only getting 4 hrs a health was terrible! well thank God,for super foods,herbs and whole food supplements,ive got my health where it’s at today,with alot of research into plants and herbs.feel better than I thought I ever would!,so yes it can be done you just need to do the work!😎🇺🇸

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    • Thanks for sharing, Daniel. That’s a lot of weight in a relatively short time. The sleep is an important element of good health. Good health is a one day at a time deal.


  6. Leo Christ

    Quite useful, thanks for the information

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  7. kevin

    lt’s quite useful,thank you

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  8. Sulabha patil

    V.valueable infomation given.Thks a lot

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