How Dangerous is a Big Belly?

Boy (6-8) pinching fat

I have covered belly fat in a number of posts on the blog. If you are a guy with a waistline bigger than 38 inches, or you have a friend with one, read on.

How bad is extra belly fat?

What is the best exercise to trim belly fat?

What about central obesity?

Too much belly fat raises your chances of dying

What are the dangers of a big waistline?

What are the best and worst foods for belly fat?


14 responses to “How Dangerous is a Big Belly?

  1. Yes this is such an important issue that seems easy to ignore. It’s deadly! Thanks for writing about this! xx Laura

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  2. Many people do not realise that you are not just fat on the outside – that it goes all through vital organs and other areas of the body.

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  3. salbers12


    You and I have chatted about body composition analysis. I have pointed out that the only clinically useful ways to measure body composition are via fairly sophisticated technologies like DEXA, BodPod, and MRI. As you know, I monitor these useful technologies because they are in a dynamic state of development.

    The problem with them is, though common enough for a serious dieter, they are not easily accessible enough for the masses. Well, that may be about to change.

    I’m an airline pilot. I do my aviation physical examinations at the Aeromedical Department of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. A few days ago a press release announced the results of a 10-year collaboration between Mayo Clinic and a blizzard of universities to create a more accurate replacement for the Body mass index (BMI). They call it the “Body Volume Indicator”. It works via an iPhone app that compares subject pictures to a sophisticated algorithm that eliminates most of the defects of the BMI limitations of looking and only height and weight. For example, it factors in things like gender and muscle mass.

    I have not yet tried it. But I thought you would appreciate hearing about this new technology. You heard it here first. You may investigate it here:

    Stephen Albers

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  4. Seriously I’ve tried everything and still I can’t get rid of my belly fat. Help!!!!!!


  5. Stanley njuguna

    Very important information indeed

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  6. Sarah

    Great info. Hopefully people will take heed!

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  7. Surinder

    I have tried everything to reduce belly fat but have been a failure. Please help.

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    • If you have truly cut down your calories to a reasonable daily level and you do regular exercise you should have results in less body fat generally. If you don’t I suggest you see a doctor and discuss it. You may have a medical condition that is preventing it.


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