Can Cherries Cause an Upset Stomach?

Wellness Secrets of a SuperAger

If you are on the lookout for healthy snacks that you can munch on instead of potato chips, chocolate or other not-so-nutritious foods, check out cherries.

Recently, a guy I know bought cherries to satisfy that need without consuming a lot of empty calories. He ended up demonstrating that even natural healthy snacks have their limits. You need to use your brain when snacking and don’t overdo it, no matter whether it’s Cheetos or cherries.

Twice in recent weeks, this guy ate about a pound of cherries at one sitting. Eating that quantity of food at one sitting is just not smart any way you look at it, even a good healthy natural food like cherries.

Searching online for information about the problems he was having, he learned that everyone should limit their intake of cherries at one sitting to a cup at most.

As I say so often on…

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3 responses to “Can Cherries Cause an Upset Stomach?

  1. Yes. Yes they can. But you have to eat A LOT of them. I speak from experience. My friend had a wonderful cherry tree. Guess what?

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  2. At age 4 I was sitting on a trailer full of 6 quart baskets of cherries as my parents worked an orchard. By lunch time the basket next to me was half empty. My mother’s concern was not the half empty basket but rather the total absence of pits. The doctor told her the pits will follow their natural course. Needless to say I can still eat half a basket of cherries given the opportunity without any ill effects. Yet your advise is sage.

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