Can Cherries Cause an Upset Stomach?

If you are on the lookout for healthy snacks to munch on instead of potato chips, chocolate or other not-so-nutritious foods, check out cherries.

Recently, a guy I know bought cherries to satisfy that need without consuming a lot of empty calories. He ended up demonstrating that even natural healthy snacks have their limits. You need to use your brain when snacking and don’t overdo it, no matter whether it’s Cheetos or cherries.

Twice in recent weeks, this guy ate about a pound of cherries at one sitting. Eating that quantity of food at one sitting is just not smart any way you look at it, even a good healthy natural food like cherries.

Searching online for information about the problems he was having, he learned that everyone should limit their intake of cherries at one sitting to a cup at most.

As I say so often on these pages, “Eat less; move more; live longer.” notes that, “Cherries are high in quercetin, a flavonoid that offers antioxidant protections against free radicals. A handful may offer you many health benefits, including heart disease and cancer prevention, but eating too many cherries can lead to stomach upset. Large amounts of quercetin may upset your stomach, triggering nausea and vomiting. Stick to a single cup of cherries to determine your threshold for quercetin intake.”

The take-away here is that overeating any food, even a healthy, natural fruit like cherries, can hurt you. Forget the mindless munching and think about portion control. That is one of the keys to getting a handle on your weight. You can read further on this in a post I wrote about eating watermelon, another very healthy food. You CAN have too much of a good thing.

If you are a guy/gal who has a sweet tooth and just can’t resist junking out, please take a moment to read my Love Letter to Hostess Ho Ho’s and Twinkies – NOT. It might give you a clearer perspective on how junk food damages  you.

In the right hand column of this page you will find the portion control tag to read any of a number of posts on that topic. Get control of your portions and you will have grasped a key to controlling your weight.

Check out my Page – Snacking – the good, the bad and the ugly.



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12 responses to “Can Cherries Cause an Upset Stomach?

  1. I remember moving to fruit country as a kid and my first experience picking big, beautiful sweet cherries. Never had I seen so many–or eaten so many at a time! Indeed, we had upset stomachs and learned a first lesson in moderation!


    • Thanks very much for sharing. It is nice that you were able to learn such an important lesson as a child. I am sure you have benefited from it your entire life.


  2. Jim Stolze

    Hey Tony,
    Thanks for the very valuable information here on consuming too many cherries. Well, actually eating too much of any good thing you mentioned can have a negative outcome when it comes down to it. Unfortunately, I just happened to come across your blog after the fact. I just finished up with what I thought, in my mind, was a very generous serving of sweet dark red oh My God, the best tasting cherries I’ve​ ever had the ultimate pleasure of showering my taste buds and palate with! Sorry! By that statement one may get the assumption that I’m in love with or seducing myself with the cherries. No, not at all. I’m one that if I find a food, especially a fruit that just makes my mouth water thinking about eating it I tend to over indulge myself in it thinking, well, it’s good for me so it’s not likely to hurt me. But, you have set me straight on this and I will in the future back off and eat only the recommended amount of whatever it is I’m enjoying.

    Thank you very much again and continue to write good stories with beneficial tips and facts.


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  3. I ate cherrys not all at once but over a couple of days and since have had a sharp pain just below my wright rib going into my side on my waste it comes and goes any idea why ?
    Thankyou Julia .

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  4. Wow. Okay, you just proved that the missus was right and I should not eat this whole kilo of cherries sitting in front of me right now….so thanks in advance for that 😂

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  5. So, I know you are right, we need to be careful. But I don’t know if I can restrict myself to only one cup of cherries at a time! I have OD’d on fruit though, I so love it 🙂 …still working on this 😁🍒

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