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Can Cherries Cause an Upset Stomach?

Wellness Secrets of a SuperAger

If you are on the lookout for healthy snacks that you can munch on instead of potato chips, chocolate or other not-so-nutritious foods, check out cherries.

Recently, a guy I know bought cherries to satisfy that need without consuming a lot of empty calories. He ended up demonstrating that even natural healthy snacks have their limits. You need to use your brain when snacking and don’t overdo it, no matter whether it’s Cheetos or cherries.

Twice in recent weeks, this guy ate about a pound of cherries at one sitting. Eating that quantity of food at one sitting is just not smart any way you look at it, even a good healthy natural food like cherries.

Searching online for information about the problems he was having, he learned that everyone should limit their intake of cherries at one sitting to a cup at most.

As I say so often on…

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Portion control visuals – Infographic

I am still convinced that portion control is a key concept in controlling your weight. If you stick with these you can’t go far wrong.




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How Google Glass Can Help You Lose Weight

Google Glass is part of the new mediated reality movement. Wikipedia describes mediated reality as a view of reality modified by a computer. It is often called augmented reality because it enhances one’s view. But the enhancement can actually be a reduction in the world being perceived. This is in contrast to virtual reality which replaces the real world with a simulated one.

A couple of years ago researchers at the University of Tokyo created software that could be used with the Google Glass or any of the new head mounted devices that changes the appearance of the world in front of you. An Oreo cookie can be magnified to 1.5 times its size so that the person wearing the glasses feels like he is eating a giant-sized Oreo.


Experiments at the Hirose-Tanikawa Laboratory at the University of Tokyo conducted just such an experiment. Team member, Takuji Narumi said, “This technology can stimulate a feeling of having eaten enough visually. We’ve found that when food looks bigger, you feel full right away, but when it looks small, you don’t feel full even if you eat a lot.” Continue reading


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A Visual Guide to Thanksgiving Portions

This will likely be the final installment of the Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays series I started publishing October 28. Thanksgiving is just a few days away. But, I wanted to get one last post in on what I consider to be the most important concept in weight reduction and weight control – portion size. Size does matter.

In the nearly four years of blogging I have written a number of posts on portion control, most of which I will list at the end of this post. What follow immediately are a number of examples to give you some visual guidance to help with your portion control at the upcoming feast.

Don't gamble with portion sizes. A deck of cards is the same size as three ounces of turkey.

Don’t gamble with portion sizes. A deck of cards is the same size as three ounces of turkey  white meat – that comes to 119 calories – without skin or gravy.

A serving of turkey totals three ounces. That much turkey stacks up to about the size of a deck of playing cards. A serving of white meat yields 132 calories. Dark meat yields 145 calories. White meat with no skin yields 119 calories.

On the subject of old Tom, consider this when administering gravy. A serving of gravy approximates 1/4 cup. That is about the size of a golf ball. Each of those golf ball sized servings adds 30 to 50 calories to your meal.

A single serving of potatoes is a half cup which is about the size of a tennis ball cut in half. That half tennis ball of potatoes will add around 150 calories to your total – without gravy.

On the other hand, veggies can cut way into your calorie total if you don’t smother them in gravy or cheese spread. Cooked cauliflower with an herbal flavoring adds only 15 calories to your meal. One serving is the size of a tennis ball. Steamed broccoli, another healthy veggie is only 30 calories per serving. If you stack up a lot of veggies on your plate and start eating those, you can help to satisfy your hunger and not load a lot of calories into your body.

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