How soda impacts your body – Infographic

I haven’t posted anything on soft drinks for a while, yet they remain popular. If you need more, check out my Page – What’s wrong with soft drinks?




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7 responses to “How soda impacts your body – Infographic

  1. You know when we all say, “Pick your poison?” Well, diet soda is my poison. Generally speaking, I eat a healthy variety of foods. I don’t eat junk food. I don’ drink. I don’t smoke. But I love diet soda. My favorite? Coke Zero. I drink about one can a day of diet soda. Very hard to kick this habit. Any suggestions? I’m trying.

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  2. AmeriBev

    To be clear, no single source of calories uniquely causes the litany of complex health conditions listed here. Quite to the contrary, decades of scientific research, as well as worldwide regulatory authorities, have repeatedly reaffirmed the safety of soft drinks and their ingredients.

    Beverages, including soft drinks, can be part of a balanced lifestyle. There are lots of choices that have little to no sugar or some that are in smaller packages. America’s beverage companies agree that it’s important for Americans to be mindful of their sugar intake. We’ve been broadening beverage choices dramatically through innovations like lower calorie sodas, teas, sports drinks, flavored waters, enhanced waters and premium waters. We’ve developed mid-calorie versions of longtime favorites; we created mini-cans. The beverage aisle looks much different today than just 10 years ago. We are committed to being part of real solutions to public health challenges with initiatives like Balance Calories – an initiative to reduce the calories Americans consume from beverages nationally by 20 percent by 2025.


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