Study further pinpoints brain regions that may control fatigue

Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine using MRI scans and computer modeling say they have further pinpointed areas of the human brain that regulate efforts to deal with fatigue.

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The findings, they say, could advance the development of behavioral and other strategies that increase physical performance in healthy people, and also illuminate the neural mechanisms that contribute to fatigue in people with depression, multiple sclerosis and stroke.

Results of the research were published online in Nature Communications.


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2 responses to “Study further pinpoints brain regions that may control fatigue

  1. An then there is fatigue with people who have a brain injury. The sensory input often puts too much demand on the neurons in the brain. After dealing with neural fatigue for 5 years following my TBI, my trajectory has changed. I have been working with a therapy that is re-tuning my ears so that my brain send my autonomic system into ‘fight or flight’ dozens of times every hour. Once my vagal nerve calmed down, my autonomic system settled down, making me much less prone ot neural fatigue. I’ve been blogging about it in my series of posts titled: Tiniest Muscle with Real Pull.

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