How Many Calories Will Eataly Cost Me?

While I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Eataly last Friday, I’ve now spent some time trying to calculate the calories it cost me and, of course, the picture is not a pretty one.

As you’ll recall, my grand platter of meats and cheeses had five kinds of Italian hams and other meats plus five kinds of cheese.

My grand platter

Sadly, there are no calories listed on Eataly’s menu for La Piazza, the part of the food fair we ate in. Given all the details offered shoppers at Eataly about where the foods served and sold come from, it’s disappointing that it does not make calorie counts available as well.

My usual Web sources also let me down on this one, I could only find counts for two other available dishes there, neither of which I tried.

So, I did the best I could with LoseIt, adding in cheeses similar to what I had if the actual variety was not there and estimating weights — which is the most difficult thing to do when eating out, I believe. With just cheeses and one prosciutto (there were two varieties) I’m already at nearly 1,000 calories for my master lunch. If I assume the other meats at about two ounces each, that could easily add another 800 calories. So I basically had a day’s worth of food on that platter.

It was amazing, but obviously it would not be a regular event for me if I lived in New York City; thankfully I only visit these days and a stop at Eataly makes for a tasty visit.

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