The Joy of Spokes

Regular readers know that I ride my bicycle pretty much daily here in Chicago. I have benefited from this experience in hundreds of ways, my waistline is about the same as when I was in high school, as is my weight. My resting heart rate clocks in under 50 beats per minute vs. a normal of around 80 for a guy like me in his 70s. I am probably enjoying the best health of my life for a number of reasons, but biking is high on the list. Despite all that, the reason I ride is because I love it. I feel like I did the first time I ever got a two-wheeler going under my own power as a child. The photo below of Albert Einstein riding his bike tells it all. I have a copy on my living room wall.



To read more check out The Joys and Benefits of Bicycle Riding – May is Bike Month. There is an award-winning video in this which was featured in the New York Times. I think you will enjoy the 15 minute experience.

What are the Benefits of Walking and Bicycle Riding? National Bicycle Month – Health Benefits.

Try it, you might like it.


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