Mental vs. physical juggling benefits

As I have written a number of times here, exercise benefits the brain as much as the body. I like most of what he says here, but I take issue with the following:”While almost any form of exercise can increase blood flow to the brain, this isn’t the same thing as giving your brain a workout.”

I don’t think he is correct here. As a matter of fact ONLY cardiovascular exercise sends oxygen to the brain which helps to create new neurotransmitters – new brain cells.

Doing Sudoku’s or crosswords puzzles increases your skill at those puzzles, but does not increase brain cells or working memory. If you check out the Important Facts About Your Brain  link at the top of this page you will see what I mean.


When we think of fitness, we usually think of speed, strength, flexibility, or coordination. We don’t normally think about cognitive or brain fitness. There seems to be a dualism at work when it comes to how we approach fitness, with the mind being thought of as separate from the rest of the body, and treated as such.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. I believe brain training is just as important as strength-training, and cardio. Solving puzzles, playing chess, or playing a musical instrument are all great ways to keep your mind sharp, but the body is generally not very active while doing this. These are all great ways to improve your cognitive fitness, but a more efficient use of time would combine cardio with a brain workout.

This is where juggling comes in, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be juggling. Any physical activity that raises your…

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