How Many Calories in a Frozen Margarita?

The summer frozen drink season is just beginning, so here is a look at calorie counts in some popular summer alcoholic drinks.

Today’s special is a frozen margarita. lists the following calorie counts. They vary according to who is making the drink.

A frozen strawberry margarita at the Olive Garden restaurant chain comes in at 340 calories and no fat. So one frozen margarita would amount to about a seventh of an average man’s daily calorie requirement, not bad. Going beyond two, though, would mean one less meal for the day to balance out the calories from the drinks. Alternatively, some extra time on the treadmill would burn off those calories.

A frozen margarita at Red Lobster, according to DietFacts, comes in at a higher calorie count of 470 and also has a lot more sodium, 590 mg compared with only 25 mg at Olive Garden.

Other sites list a wide range of calorie counts for the drink, as high as one saying 740 for another chain’s drink. This summer specialty seems a tougher one to pin down calorie-wise; making your own at home likely will mean fewer calories since you’ll control the ingredients.



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2 responses to “How Many Calories in a Frozen Margarita?

  1. Nora wrote: “Margarita’s…….one of my favorite drinks but I also knew that they were full of calories……..anything that sweet has to be. Difference in calories is probably due to the difference in the size of the drink. Some places have those huge ones (almost as big as your head lol) & they are probably a days worth of calories. I have seen advertised a skinny margarita. Suppose to be half the calories & some chain’s are now making them. A good alternative just like the light beers were when they came out. Cheers!!!!!”


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