How Many Calories in a Frozen Pina Colada?

With summer finally starting in U.S. Northern climes, readers ought know how many calories they’ll be drinking in traditional summer fare such as frozen pina coladas. Searching the Web, I found a variety of opinions on that topic.

A site called lists a recipe for frozen pina coladas that yield four cups of the drink mix, each with a calorie count of 236 and 5 grams of fat. That doesn’t sound so bad if you keep your daily intake to one or two drinks. But another site, Caloriecount.,com, lists the calories in a regular pina colada at 526 with almost 17 grams of fat in a 6.8-ounce serving. I’m not sure why the large discrepancy here. I also found a Forbes article from 2007 that claims a pina colada can have more calories in it than a Big Mac.

Hello Summer!

Fear not, I also found a blog that includes a 100 calorie recipe, using a zero-calorie pineapple juice. So enjoy, but as always, drink, and eat, responsibly.

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