14 Great Sources Of Clean Protein

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Clean protein is harder to come by than you might think. Pesticides, heavy metals, and antibiotics are abundant in almost all factory-produced nonorganic meat, poultry, fish, dairy, and eggs. Fast food joints pump almost all of their items with food flavorings and chemicals to increase shelf life. To avoid all the negative health effects, go for the following foods whenever possible. Make friends with farmers at the closest farmers’ market, read food labels at the stores, and ask questions at the restaurants. You deserve to know where your food is coming from.


Almonds are strongly anti-inflammatory, and are a good source for healthy fats, fiber, and protein. To make almonds easier to digest, soak them overnight and peel the skins. Nuts aren’t a complete protein since they don’t have a full range of amino acids, but they serve as a great…

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Headache Causes and Natural Treatments


The cause of the headache should always be sought. A doctor will therefore inquire about your lifestyle to try to discover any factors which may aggravate the problem. Diet can also be a trigger, especially in cases of migraine. Cheese, chocolate, alcohol or coffee can all be causes, but each case will be assessed on its merits.

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result from

Almost everyone experiences headaches at times. Most are caused by tension in the muscles of the scalp and neck after periods of stress. Some result from eating problems or alcohol abuse. Others are the forerunners of cold or influenza. Menstruation can be another common cause in women.

Contrary to popular belief, eyestrain only rarely produces a headache, and if it does, it usually arises from astigmatism.

Migraines can cause severe headaches, often on one side of the head and sometimes they are associated with numbness or weakness down one side of the face or body.

Headaches are common after a head injury (concussion), and it can also be caused by sinus problems or problems involving the lower jaw muscles that may result from teeth grinding.

A sudden, severe headache, like a blow to the back of the head, often followed by unconsciousness, may indicate internal bleeding underneath the brain known…

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Add Pears To Your Season Menu This Fall

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One medium pear is 100 calories, has 5.5 grams of fiber, 10% of the daily value of vitamin C, and 5% of the daily value of potassium! The high pectin in pears makes them ideal for jams and spreads.

A member of the rose family, pears are delicious in both sweet and savory dishes and can be enjoyed raw, stewed, sauteed, baked, roasted, poached and grilled!

If you enjoy pears, here is a wonderful salad to share with family and friends during the Fall season!

Pear waldrof salad:


4 large crisp, green pears, unpeeled, chopped into chunks

5 stalks of celery trimmed, coarsely sliced

1/2 cup golden raisins

1/2 cup walnuts

1 teaspoon grated lemon rind

1 cup low fat cottage cheese

1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon honey


Place chopped pears, celery, raisins, walnuts and lemon rind into a large bowl and…

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Obesity May Speed Aging of the Liver


The goal of the new study was to “understand why we age,” Horvath said. “One way of tackling this question it to understand which factors relate to the epigenetic age of different human tissues. Although many people probably suspected that excessive weight ages the body, there was no objective way of demonstrating such an effect,” he said.

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Heavier people might be more prone to liver cancer, insulin problems, researchers say

Extra pounds cause the liver to age faster, potentially explaining why obesity is linked to diseases like liver cancer and insulin resistance, new research suggests.

It’s not clear if this aging directly translates to higher risks of certain diseases. Still, it’s possible that “people whose liver is much older than expected need to be screened more carefully for various diseases even if they managed to lose a lot of weight,” said study author Steve Horvath, a professor of human genetics and biostatistics at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health.

Epigenetic aging is the aging rates of various tissues in the body. “According to the epigenetic aging clock, the vast majority of tissues, cell types and organs age at the same rate,” Horvath said. But these aging rates may differ from person to person.

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5 Ways to Make Yourself Believe in Yourself


A positive attitude is the quickest way to believing in yourself. It bypasses everything else and gets right to the end goal – happiness, love, success and belief in yourself.


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To do well in life, you must believe in yourself. You are the one person you can truly rely on. Your belief about yourself, and your abilities, reflects in your personal success and happiness.  When you lack confidence in yourself, others pick up on that, and don’t take you seriously, and in turn your confidence can shrink even more.

Belief in yourself opens the doors of opportunity to your dreams and aspirations. It allows you to live your truth and be your best self.  You are an important and integral part of life as much as anyone and anything else. You have a purpose!  When you believe in yourself, the ability to follow your passions and live your purpose is available. You are allowing good things to come to you, and your belief in yourself allows you to act on those opportunities.

But, in this often highly competitive and demanding…

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Positive Thoughts To Dwell On


There is so much in life I can’t control. But this is my life and I’ve decided to be happy. I can choose to be happy regardless of my other circumstances. It’s not “when I get a promotion, I’ll be happy…..” or “when I can speak in front of a small group of people, I’ll be happy…..” The focus should be on learning to be happy now. Tap into your inner peace and contentment in the way that works best for you.


To read further on being happy, check out: Harvard Study on a Happy Life, 12 Things Happy People Do Differently, Positive, Happy People Suffer Less Pain, Why Should I Be Happy? Happy People Live Longer – Time Magazine.


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by Thomas A. Richards, Ph.D., Psychologist

We spend hours and hours dwelling and ruminating on the negative and fearful things in our lives. We worry about what could go wrong, instead of focusing and paying attention to the rational, the positive and the good.  We should train ourselves to focus on thoughts that will move us forward in the right direction.  Read one of these statements to yourself every day — and dwell on it.  It’s about time we started paying attention to what is rational and right.

If you pay attention to the darkness, you will never find the light.

If you study and relive your past experiences, analyzing them, and “getting in touch with your feelings”, you will only reinforce those feelings.  If you want to get away from a problem, you should not focus on it.  Focus on what is rational, the positive, the beautiful, and the…

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Tweaks to Clean up Your Diet in 5 Weeks – Infographic

Practicing the ‘one step at a time’ method can help you start eating right and getting healthy.



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How Healthy are Sweet Potatoes? – Infographic

Sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest foods you can eat.


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10 New Insights into Sleep: Discover What The Latest Psych Research Has Taught Us


Sleep is one of the most overlooked and critical aspects of our daily life. For more on this, check out my Page – How Important is a Good Night’s Sleep.


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1. How sleep after learning enhances memory

Sleep after learning encourages brain cells to make connections with other brain cells, new research has shown for the first time.

The connections, called dendritic spines, enable the flow of information across the synapses.

One of the study’s authors, Dr. Wen-Biao Gan, said:

“We’ve known for a long time that sleep plays an important role in learning and memory. If you don’t sleep well you won’t learn well.
But what’s the underlying physical mechanism responsible for this phenomenon?
Here we’ve shown how sleep helps neurons form very specific connections on dendritic branches that may facilitate long-term memory.”

• The full article: how sleep enhances memory.

2. Why some people only need five hours’ sleep a night

While most people can get by with less than six hours sleep, the majority will suffer physically and psychologically, especially if sleep deprived over the long-term.


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The Best Body-Weight Exercises


If you’re not already doing them, add these exercises to your regimen. They can be performed virtually anywhere.

I like these a lot. Check out How good are push-ups and chin-ups?


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Strength training is an important component of athletic performance improvement, along with sport-specific skill development; nutrition; rest and recovery; and mental preparation.  And, while traditional weight lifting exercises should be part of every athlete’s strength and conditioning program, don’t ignore or underestimate the impact that body-weight exercises can have on your development.

Here are 3 of our favorite body-weight exercises:

  • Pullups work the entire upper body and — performed correctly — lead to improvements in strength.  If you can’t (yet) do a pullup, use a TRX, band, or spotter to assist.  Beginners can also start with the lat pulldown exercise.
  • Pushups are another great upper-body exercise, because they engage the chest, shoulders, back, and arms.  Master the basics first, then modify the exercise by placing medicine balls under your hands, use the TRX, elevate your feet, experiment with different hand positions, wear a weighted vest, or…

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