Portion Size From the Other Side of the Counter

Unfortunately, our ‘bargain-hunting’ hard-wiring seeks out large portions in restaurants, in a vain quest for the ‘most for my money.’

You’ve heard of ‘win-win.’ Well this is ‘win-lose.’ Getting too much food can be costly to our health not to mention our waistline, despite appearing to be a financial bargain.

Professional chefs regularly offer steaks double the size recommended by the USDA.

Professional chefs regularly offer restaurant goers steaks double the size recommended by the USDA.

The more successful you are at finding an eating place with huge portions, the more difficulty you will have keeping control of your weight and waistline. We all need to rethink the situation. Pigging out at a low price doesn’t make our trip to dine out a success. We need to start thinking in terms of the nutritional quality of our food not just the quantity.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be much help on the horizon. In a supplement to the Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter had some fascinating insights on the view from the other side of the counter. How do chefs see it?

The letter reported that in a survey of 300 chefs by Clemson University researchers, published in the journal Obesity revealed that chefs’ ideas about portion sizes were far removed from the recommendations of nutrition experts. Asked to estimate the size of a typical portion of pasta they might serve, half the chefs responded with amounts six to eight times the standard suggested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Additionally, nearly half reported that they regularly serve 12 ounce steaks, more than double the amount of meat recommended for an entire day the USDA Choose My Plate.

If the folks fixing the food haven’t a clue about the importance of portion sizes, then we on the other side of the counter need to be vigilant. Actions have consequences. Not paying attention to portion sizes can have weighty results, not the good kind.

Eat less; move more; live longer. Words to live by.




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7 responses to “Portion Size From the Other Side of the Counter

  1. Ça fait combien en grammes Europe ??? How Much in grams lol ??


  2. 12? I go for the big dog Tony, or big cow I suppose. 16-24 ounces depending on where I’m eating.

    If I were to eat by USDA and government standards I’d be 6′ tall and 140 pounds. Of course, I skip meals (plural) when I know I’m going out to eat… and most people don’t ride their bike(s) an average of 20 miles a day either.

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    • Thanks for sharing, Jim. My former blogging partner (check the Aug 2012) posts relied heavily on meat protein and had an 85% blockage in his artery leading to the heart. Maybe you can burn it off riding. I hope that you are able to continue that with no ill effects. As a gambler, I would say it’s an off-odds bet.

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