Junk Food Vs. Exercise Calorie Counts – Infographic

Sometimes a simple reminder can work wonders when you are watching your weight go up.

While these might jog your memory regarding the cost of silly snacking, don’t forget that you need to exercise as close to daily as you can. Your body and your brain need it.

Check out my Page – Important Facts About Your Brain (and Exercise Benefits) to learn more.

4dbdd859d2bf1459d57a125b9cbbfa87 Tony


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5 responses to “Junk Food Vs. Exercise Calorie Counts – Infographic

  1. FYI – My cheaters’ cheesecake just has 285 cals – yay! And none of them are particularly empty ones. I still do try to exercise every day, though – just bought some exercise bands for an easy routine for summer holidays :). Good advice, Tony.


  2. Oh boy that takes the fun out of it. At the rate I exercise one of those items would take years of walking to walk it off at my rate of walking. 🙂


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