I am 80 years old today!?

Holy crap! I am an octogenarian! I can’t believe it. I don’t feel that old. In fact, having been retired for 20 years now, I can honestly say, I feel better and healthier now than when I was working and in my ’50’s. I rode my bike 25 miles yesterday in Chicago’s balmy 30 degree weather and I plan to do the same this morning. Lucky me!


This is my birthday picture from a few years back. It’s the only one I have that’s decorated. Also, my pup is in it, too.

This is from my birthday blog post last year:

One of the main reasons I feel like I have things so together is this blog. I started writing it in March of 2010 with a partner who has since left for other pursuits. From the beginning, I discovered a focus. At first it was simply trying to keep my weight down. I learned portion control and serving size. This Italian guy was surprised to learn that a “serving” of pasta was not a 10 inch plate heaped with spaghetti noodles smothered in tomato sauce. No, a 200 calorie serving of pasta is about the size of a baseball. Incredibly, that was a revelation to me. I put the information to use. I began to reduce my portions accordingly. I am not going to recount all the lessons I learned in the past nearly 10 years, but if you want to get control of your own weight, check out my Page – How to Lose Weight – and Keep it Off.

Regular readers know that the blog now covers a far broader scope than just losing weight. I am convinced that losing weight is a simple problem easily dealt with once you put your mind to it. I have expanded the blog’s purview to include the understanding that healthy eating is healthy living and healthy aging. If you do it right, you can live a long, healthy and happy life with your mental faculties intact the entire way. My family has Alzheimer’s and dementia on both my mother’s and father’s side, so keeping my own brain working is a serious concern. I am proud to say that I have one of the few blogs that ties exercise to a healthy brain. Check out my Page – Important Facts About Your Brain – and Exercise  to learn more.


Here I am at the Horseshoe Casino, enjoying a buffet brunch, last week.

The following documents my present health as of October 2019: My resting heart rate falls several beats under 50 beats per minute. My cholesterol level is 199. The HDL (Good cholesterol) is 77; LDL (Bad cholesterol) 111. I stand 5 feet 9-1/4 inches tall (vs 5 feet 11 inches 10 years ago. I weigh around 157 pounds and have a 32 inch waist. This is pretty much the same as when I was a senior in high school in 1957. I don’t take any drugs, prescribed or not. I do take some plant based pills to relieve the arthritis pain in my hands. For the record, my alcohol consumption is minimal – maybe three bottles of beer in a month. And, no, I don’t smoke.

From last year’s post: I wanted to share this information with you because so many people I run into who are in their late 50’s and 60’s appear to be giving up on their health and conditioning. They act like it’s over. The phrase ‘I’m gettin’ old’ bubbles out of their mouths frequently. A lot of the posts I write for this blog are meant to demonstrate that by focusing on your eating and making sure you get adequate exercise you can continue to enjoy yourself for many more years in reasonably healthy condition.

My ‘go to’ exercise is riding my bike. I average over 100 miles a week year ’round here in Chicago. Last year it totaled just under 6000 miles. Find some kind of movement that you enjoy, dancing, walking, etc., and do it regularly and you will be on your way to good health, too.

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 12.48.55 PM.png

Last, but not least, I have a $300 dinner comp at Binion’s Steak House at the Horseshoe Casino where my girlfriend and I will celebrate tonight.

As of noon on my birthday, I have only managed 20 miles today on the bike. I quit early because I need to be sharp for driving to and from the casino later where I will be having a large birthday dinner. Maybe that’s part of being 80, but I want to be sharp for driving home at night on the expressway.



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28 responses to “I am 80 years old today!?

  1. Raj Chaudhary

    Happy birth day !!

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  2. Penny Skehan

    When I grow up (reach 80!) I want to be just like you, Tony. You are a tremendous inspiration for us kids in our 60’s! Wishing you the best today and every day to come. Thanks as always for the work you put into this blog. You are much appreciated. Happy Birthday!

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  3. poppi

    Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with an exceptional bike ride and Birthday Dinner! Love reading your blog.

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  4. hocuspocus13

    Happy 🎂 Birthday

    As this Italian Girl was taught…

    We eat spaghetti (or as we say in NJ macaroni) in a bowl

    A cereal bowl to keep the portion size small

    🇺🇸 🎂 🇮🇹

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for your comment. Really, ‘macaroni’ in NJ? I lived there my first year in college. Don’t remember that. I do remember them laughing at my Chicago accent. Have a great day!

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  5. Happy Birthday, Tony. May you enjoy many more. One of the first things I do every morning is to read your blog. Always interesting and chock full of good health advice.

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  6. Happy Birthday! You are my hero. I’d love to meet you when I’m in Chicago sometime. I’m right over here across the lake. We have the same goals, and I feel like we are on a similar journey.

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  7. Happy Birthday! Great advice

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  8. Ed Birdie

    Happy Happy Birthday Tony—hope you have many more!!🎇🎆🎂🍷🎁🎊🥳🐚🎈🎉

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  9. Garry Stafford

    You’re an inspiration Tony! Keep it goin’!

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  10. Happy Birthday, Tony! You continue to be an inspiration, every day!

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  11. Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely time. 🍾

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  12. Happy Birthday, Tony! Here’s to your health and many more.

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  13. Happy birthday! you are an inspiration!

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  14. Sandra

    Happy belated Birthday! Hope it was Great!

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