A Reminder: Guys and Good Health Involves Two Guys

As I was writing my post about Nathan’s hot dog eating contest this morning, I was also thinking about how Tony would likely write why he thinks it’s disgusting, which he did, as if on cue, shortly after my piece appeared.

That’s just a reminder there are two of us writing this blog. I need to tell my friends that from time to time when they comment on blog posts that appear on my Facebook wall without looking to see who wrote them.

Me (John) in a corn eating contest in DeKalb, Ill., three years ago.

We are two guys with a mission of helping our readers to eat and live smarter but we have divergent opinions sometimes on how to achieve that and we think our diversity of views and posts ultimately helps you, our readers, make more informed choices.

So know that when you read a post here, read to the end to see who wrote it and read it knowing where we each come from as we write.

I’m the one who enjoys food-eating contests and has been in three, two involving corn and one involving pies. I won the pie contest, finished second two years in a row in the corn contest. I think I can do that and still eat healthier and smarter than I once did but I constantly struggle with exactly how to do that.

Editor’s note: Actually, as of December 2012, there is only one guy writing this blog. John left. You can read about it on my Notice Anything Different page.

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