Looking for Vegan Recipes? Try My Daughter’s

While I remain firmly in the meat-eating camp, my daughter has become a vegetarian. What’s more, she’s been rooming with vegans who don’t eat any dishes involving animal products like eggs, cheese or milk, a cuisine choice that has always struck me as presenting a major set of cooking challenges.

But she and they have responded to that challenge by creating their own vegan cooking blog, Maplehood Kitchen, posting recipes they have made and enjoyed, culling them from a variety of sources.

A vegan whoopie pie.

If you scroll down the blog, you’ll see some vegan whoopie pies which my daughter brought to our house for a recent cookout. Whoopie pies are an East Coast staple which she developed a taste for while attending NYU. Kudos to her for developing a way to still enjoy them in her new eating style. I enjoyed them too and I love the original version. Hers did taste different, the cake portions had a much different consistency, but they were still enjoyable.

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