Why You Should Start Oil Pulling Today

Here is an entirely fresh way to use coconut oil from Ayurvedic medicine. I have done it once and can testify that it works.

Be sure too read the blog post on why you should be using coconut oil.



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5 responses to “Why You Should Start Oil Pulling Today

  1. Hi Toni, Thank you for sharing this article! Love your blog, straight forward great writing, no nonsense…it is a great thing you are doing, spreading the word about heath, nutrition and aging from the men’s perspective.


    • Elena – Thanks so much for your kind words. I am so glad you posted about oil pulling.

      This ‘oil pulling’ absolutely amazed me. I suffer from a post nasal drip and constant congestion. One 20 minute ‘pull’ gave me a night of relief. Absolutely amazing!

      BTW, the initial intention on the blog was for men, but I think more than half my readers are women. Guys just don’t get it when it comes to doing something about their health.

      The blog writing is a neat experience – learning by doing.


      • I know, blogging is neat – a great way to share. I think of it as my journal that I make public – I write what I want, what I care about and what matter to me, and those who are interested in the same, have a chance to follow me along…


  2. Sandy

    I’ve just recently started using coconut oil an really loved it…Thank you very interesting blogs…. Sandy

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    • Thanks for your comments, Sandy. Very helpful. I have found coconut oil to be a gift that keeps on giving. I have some every morning with a spoonful of peanut butter.


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