Why should one exercise?

Exercise isn’t something one finds time for, it’s something one makes time for, and prioritizes! And when doing it, allow it to be for more than the health benefits. When doing that it can become a lifelong partner giving many rewarding things besides a healthy body!

Team Xtreme

Google the following sentence health benefits of exercise and physical activity and the smartest search engine in the world is going to spit out some 23 million results related to the question asked. Clicking the first link on the scientific articles section related to the question we have Google:d ships us to the work of a gentleman by the name of Warburton who, with the aid of colleagues, has written an article on the topic

Health benefits of physical activity: The evidence.

His work has been published in the Canadian Medical Journal on the 14th of March 2006 so I assume it’s fair to say that Mr. Warburton and his friends have some fairly well established knowledge related to the topic at hand. Amongst other, Mr. Warburton and his friends write the following in the abstract of the paper:

We confirm that there is irrefutable evidence of the effectiveness of…

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