Bob Dylan Lyrics on Losing Weight

I got into Bob Dylan in the mid-60’s which seems fortuitous as he was writing what I consider his best stuff then. It’s hard to believe this stripling of a kid could pen Blowin’ in the Wind and The Times They Are A-Changin’ while still in his 20’s.

My first wife was due to give birth to our son at that time. She loved listening to Dylan, so I bought her a couple of his albums to enjoy while home doing newborn duties. Over the course of that year Mr. Tambourine man sang many songs to me. His raspy voice spilling out vivid words and images introduced me to this incredible poet/troubadour and I became a fan, too. (Yet another example of doing something for someone else and gaining from it yourself. See the kindness tags at right.)

The is the cover of Dylan’s 1964 album The Times They Are A-Changin’

For some reason on a recent bike ride some of his words popped into my head and decided not to leave. As I pedaled along the lakefront He not busy being born is busy dying ran through my mind, over and over. The lyrics are from the 1965 hit It’s Alright, Ma, I’m Only Bleeding. President Jimmy Carter liked that “Being born…” line so much he used it in his Inauguration speech. Global warming guru Al Gore said it was his most favorite quotation.

As the words rolled through my brain it hit me that those words exactly capture what weight loss and weight maintenance are all about. He not busy being born is busy dying.

No matter what your weight is right this second, if you aren’t doing something actively about it, two things are true. One, you aren’t going to lose any pounds. Two, you are probably going to gain more.

He not busy being born is busy dying.

That is only half an exaggeration when it comes to weight as we get older. As those of us over 50 know, the problems expand and multiply with age. It’s not just a big waistline any more. Now, it is a big waistline, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, the beat goes on.

So, whatever your age, you need to decide daily what you are going to do about your weight and health. You can pay attention to what you eat and get a handle on it, or you can play ostrich and pencil in some really unpleasant doctor visits in your not too distant future.

The pounds aren’t going to lose themselves. On the contrary they are more likely to multiply. It’s not about losing weight (a negative); it’s about being healthy (totally positive).

The answer to your weight loss situation is up to you. So stop acting like a rolling stone, the answer ain’t blowin’ in the wind.



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5 responses to “Bob Dylan Lyrics on Losing Weight

  1. Aldenfalk

    word.. !


  2. So well put . This will help to put in practice . For the pounds they are a elevating.

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  3. I’m going to let you know how I’m doing. I hear my thoughts in your words.

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