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Harvard on the Food Value of Fiber

Fiber, protein and carbohydrates are the three-legged nutritional stool upon which our lives depend. Harvard has issued a report that includes a super write-up on the value of fiber in our daily diet.

Harvard Medical School offers special reports on over 50 health topics. Visit their website to find reports of interest to you and your family.

Fiber: The workhorse
Fiber is a form of indigestible carbohydrate found mainly in plant foods. Over the years, fiber has been hailed as a potential weapon against colon cancer, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Fiber’s vaunted health benefits were diminished slightly by findings that it doesn’t prevent colon polyps (precursors of colon cancer). But fiber slightly reduces LDL cholesterol, improves insulin resistance, and is linked to a lower rate of heart disease. It is considered one of the most important health attributes of foods.
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