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Pay Attention to Portion Sizes: You CAN Have Too Much of a Good Thing

I have written repeatedly about portion control in relation to controlling one’s weight. Recently, I stumbled onto an instance of portion control in an area of eating healthy food, too. Hence this post.

I want to make clear that while we regulate the portions of our foods to control our weight, we also must pay attention to how much we are eating when it comes to healthy foods, too. For some reason there are people who think that they have to limit the amount of potato chips they eat, but they can have ALL the fresh fruit they want at one sitting. Not so.

Here is a healthy portion of watermelon. Eating a half of a watermelon is now healthy.

Here is a healthy portion of watermelon. Eating a half of a watermelon is NOT healthy.

Last year I wrote about a person who was trying to substitute cherries for less healthy snacks. So he sat down and ate a pound at one sitting several days running. You can read the details in my post – Can cherries cause an upset stomach?

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Vita-Mix – Watermelon Sorbet Recipe

Reader Lea Ann Anderson Savage submitted this very tasty recipe to the blog in a comment on my Drinking a Watermelon item. If you own a Vita-Mix machine check out Lee Ann at her website. She has lots of very helpful info there.

Here is her recipe:

“Hi Tony – I’m a Vita-Mix sales demonstrator and your very inspiring post leads me to want to share my recipe for watermelon “sorbet.” I am basically a very lazy person (hence my love of the Vita-Mix machine) and although I should puree the watermelon first and pour it into ice cube trays, what I end up doing is scooping globs of watermelon and plopping them into the holes of the ice cube trays in arrangements so that none of the “globs” touch another.

“When they are frozen, I place the frozen globs in with unfrozen watermelon (in roughly a 3 cups frozen to one cup unfrozen) ratio and – voila! Awesome Watermelon Sorbet!

Also cantaloupe blended in the Vita-Mix with frozen cantaloupe “globs” can make anything from an ice cream consistency to a milk shake – depending on your ratio of frozen globs to unfrozen cantaloupe. TRULY amazing taste and texture!”

You can read How Healthy is Watermelon and Dr. Oz on Watermelon also in our blog.



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