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Turmeric compound could boost memory and mood

I have eaten and enjoyed Indian food back in the late 1970’s when I lived in London and didn’t eat meat. Those days are long gone, but I do keep hearing good things about turmeric. Here is a nice rundown from Medical News Today on it.

Not a lover of Indian food? A new study might change your mind. Researchers have found that a compound in turmeric — the spice that gives curry its golden color — could help to improve the mood and memory of older adults.


Turmeric has been linked to a wealth of health benefits. Last year, for example, Medical News Today reported on a study suggesting that turmeric could help to treat pancreatic cancer, while other research claims the popular spice may help to treat stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Continue reading


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The top 10 anti-aging Herbs and Spices

The subject of herbs and spices is one of my nutritional ‘blindspots.’ This looks like a really good rundown.

I did like the suggestion in the final paragraph about adopting a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. I second that emotion.

To read further on the value of regular exercise and healthy aging check out my Page – Important Facts About Your Brain (and Exercise Benefits).


Natural Herbal Health

Herbs and spices for your health

In this article alternative health guru Dr. Joseph Mercola explains how these ten commonly available herbs and spices can prevent disease and combat aging.

Doctor Mercola is very well respected in the world of alternative medicine – below are his top 10 choices of herbs and spices found in many kitchens that have been shown to combat aging and prevent disease. He recommends adding a selection of these herbs and spices to your regular diet in order to get their health benefits. Even 1 teaspoon a day will have a positive effect on your health.

Doctor Mercola suggests that if possible you should use fresh rather then dried herbs as they are more powerful. Also look out for very fragrant varieties because these usually have higher concentrations of healthy ingredients. If you do use dried herbs then make sure to keep them in a…

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Turmeric is a Super Spice – Infographic

The more I read about healthy foods and spices, the more I run across turmeric. I know that our friends into ayurvedic medicine feel strongly about its benefits, too. I have found it in Indian cooking a lot.



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What are the 5 Top Anti-Aging Foods?

Most people are trying to lose weight so they will look better, overlooking the fact that good eating is healthy and adds years to your life. Here are five superb foods that will not make you gain weight, but will help you to live longer.

I have written about Green Tea more than once and, or course, there is also my Page on Coconut Oil: Why You Should Include it in Your Diet.



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Turmeric Completely Reverses Brain Damage Caused By Fluoride

Adding a regimen of turmeric intake, whether in capsule form or a daily turmeric powder to prepare in your food, can reverse the harmful effects on your brain.* Turmeric has been proven to kill cancer cells, shrink cancerous tumors, and prevent inflammation in the body. It is also now proven to protect against the neurodegenerative effects of fluoride consumption.

Please check out my infographic on turmeric from earlier this week for many more positive aspects of this spice.


Julie Tourangeau


Throughout history, fluoride has been used on concentration camp victims and war prisoners alike to make them act more docile while imprisoned. Many studies have shown that fluoride kills brain cells, yet the United States government still regulates it in our city waters, and recommends it for dental health. Until enough people in the world wake up to the slow kill poisoning we have been exposed to in the United States, we have to be very careful about our exposure. Even the most cautious lightworker can be unknowingly exposed to fluoride. As much as we go for the reverse osmosis water and the fluoride-free toothpaste, every time we eat out, wash our hands in public, or take a shower in city water, we are exposing ourselves to fluoride.

Don’t worry though– adding a regimen of turmeric intake, whether in capsule form or a daily turmeric powder to prepare in your…

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What are the Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric? – Infographic

I have friends from India who swear by the spice turmeric. Here are some reasons why.



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The anti-inflammatory aspects of turmeric

The WisdomAndHealth Blog

Here’s a great question from a customer:

I noticed on your web site you have different options for sciatica. What about curcumin? It’s for inflammation. Will it work for sciatica, since that’s inflammatory as well?

Great question.

Curcumin (or turmeric) is a fantastic, all-natural anti-inflammatory. For chronic inflammation conditions, like arthritis,

osteoarthritis, and bursitis, regular curcumin supplements are a great way to reduce inflammation and pain.

As we’ve talked about in the past, it’s not a matter of taking one curcumin pill and feeling better right away. Curcumin should be taken on a regular basis.

More importantly, it’s critical that a high quality supplement like our Longvida RD to make sure enough curcumin gets into your circulation.

But what about curcumin to treat sciatica?

You will recall that sciatica is caused by an irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back, through…

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