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‘Sushi parasites’ have increased 283-fold in past 40 years

As a person who loves sushi and have been consuming it for more than 50 years, this study was must unnerving to encounter.

The next time you eat sashimi, nigiri or other forms of raw fish, consider doing a quick check for worms.


The life cycle of an Anisakis worm. The worms reproduce in the intestines of marine mammals and are released into the ocean via their feces. After the worms hatch in the water, they first infect small crustaceans such as krill. When small fish eat the infected crustaceans, the worms then transfer to their bodies, and this continues as larger fish eat smaller infected fish. Humans and marine mammals can become infected when they eat a fish that contains the worms.Wood et al. Global Change Biology, 2020

A new study led by the University of Washington finds dramatic increases in the abundance of a worm that can be transmitted to humans who eat raw or undercooked seafood. Its 283-fold increase in abundance since the 1970s could have implications for the health of humans and marine mammals, which both can inadvertently eat the worm. Continue reading


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What happens in Vegas …

I am just back from Las Vegas. As regular readers know, when I go to Las Vegas, what happens there doesn’t stay there. I share my experiences, some anyway. My girlfriend and I stayed at Caesars Palace in the Augustus Tower. I like that tower because we get a view of the fountain at Bellagio. The photo below is what I saw out our windows.

IMG_6931 2.jpeg

These sprays dance to music.

We had some amazing meals there. Below is the soft shell crab roll at Nobu, Caesars’ superb sushi restaurant. Say that five times fast.

IMG_6878.jpeg Continue reading

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4 Vacation Days = 6.2 Pounds. Worth It?

My answer to the question in the headline above is yes. I’m just back from four amazing vacation days in New York and my first weigh-in this morning since I left home last Thursday told me I’d gained 6.2 pounds.

That’s a lot, granted, it will likely take me several weeks, if not longer, to lose those pounds again. But I think it was worth it. I can’t eat like a monk all the time. Keeping breaks like this weekend to a minimum is important but having one or two times a year to enjoy eating again is important too.

The good news is there wasn’t a lot of junk food involved — until Sunday when chips, butter cookies and snack cakes were the foods of choice as we flew home. Other than that, we feasted on wonderful foods, from sushi to seafood, and didn’t go wild with buttery sauces or other empty-calorie choices.

Some lessons from this mini-getaway for when you vacation:

1. Walking alone isn’t enough to counter increased calorie intake. We walked four and more hours a day all over New York, but ate more. I got out of my usual exercise routine of at least an hour per day on an exercise bike, even though there was a workout room in my hotel. Shame on me for that. Try, try, try to maintain some regular exercise even when on vacation.

2. Use a scale. I didn’t feel heavier, especially on mornings after days when we’d done a lot of walking. But obviously I was gaining weight. Trusting how you feel doesn’t work in my experience, use a scale to keep track.

3. Plan to recover. I expected to gain weight while away and have a plan for getting back into my routine this week.

4. Don’t give up. A gain here and there isn’t the end of the world as long as you don’t give up and go back to old, bad eating habits because of it. Stay with it.

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Eating Well — Can Everyone Afford It?

Day Two of our New York odyssey involved an amazing sushi lunch at Iron Chef Morimoto’s latest restaurant at Chelsea Market, not far from my high school.

The food (see photo below), from a “tuna pizza” – thin slices of sushi-grade tuna on a cracker crust with a great spicy topping – to an array of sushi to a Morimoto branded beer, was just outstanding. I tried to find out if the fish were bought with an eye to sustainable sourcing but didn’t get much information on that front.

A wonderful sushi selection at Morimoto's in NYC

The lunch was a wonderful reminder that relatively untouched great ingredients, sushi is raw after all, although rice is involved, can be amazing. It was expensive, of course, which brings up the topic of whether poorer people can still eat healthy in our society that offers cheap junk food but makes people pay more for healthier fare. Discuss among yourselves, I’m going to savor the memory of lunch a bit longer.

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