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Happy Birthday, Wonder Woman

Regular readers know that I have a special place in my heart for Wonder Woman. We are about the same age and I discovered her comics as a child back in the 1940’s. I grew up reading her exploits and as a result learning to admire and appreciate strong independent women. I owe her a lot.

The first appearance of Wonder Woman was her introduction into All Star Comics in December 1941.

1 All Star Comics 8 december 1941 featuring wonder woman.jpg

Her first actual book was in Sensation Comics in January 1941.


The first comic in her name came out a year later.


In the story the ‘birth’ of Diana came about in a special way. Her mother, Hippolyte created a statue of a little girl out of clay and Aphrodite gave the statue life.


Unlike most comic heroes, Wonder Woman came from a very intellectual background. You can check out Jill Lepore’s book – The Secret History of Wonder Woman on Amazon.



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A 2 minute psychological pick-me-up

I  confess that I am one of Wonder Woman’s oldest fans, literally, I fell in love with Wondy in the comic books I read growing up in the 1940’s. We are about a year apart in age. So, I need little excuse to run a picture of her.

What I especially like about this, though, is that after all we have heard and read about body language, it turns out that altering our body language can also send signals to our own brain – not just others.


If you find yourself feeling a little macho, and would prefer a male model. Here is Superman showing you the way:


The subject of body language is a really fascinating one. Here is Amy Cuddy delivering her TED Talk on the subject:



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