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Does Eating Fast Food Mean a Higher Risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease?

Living in this fast-paced world, eating fast food is a temptation few of us can ignore at one time or another.

People who have a habit of eating fast food on a regular basis are at greater risk of developing both heart disease and type 2 diabetes, according to new research published in the latest online edition of the journal Circulation.

Scientists from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health in the U.S. and the National University of Singapore worked together to analyze data from a 16-year study, which was based on eating habits of 52,000 Chinese nationals living in Singapore. Each resident had experienced a sudden transition from traditional eastern foods to a Western-style fast food diet.

Fast food in Singapore.

The study “discovered that those who ate fast food two-three times a week were twice as likely to die from coronary heart disease (CHD) compared to those who avoided this type of food,” reports diabetes.co.uk, a British diabetes Web site.

The risk of death from CHD was 80 per cent higher in people who consumed fast food four or more times per week, while even eating out at fast food establishments just once a week was linked to a 20 per cent increased mortality risk.

In addition, the study found that consuming fast food items two or more times each week also increased the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 27 per cent.

Andrew Odegaard, post-doctoral researcher from the University of Minnesota and lead author of the study, said: “We wanted to examine the association of Western-style fast food with cardio-metabolic risk in a Chinese population in Southeast Asia that has become a hotbed for diabetes and heart disease .

“What we found was a dramatic public health impact by fast food, a product that is primarily a Western import into a completely new market.”

He added that results interestingly showed that the most frequent fast food eaters “were younger, better educated, smoked less and were more likely to be physically active”, which fitted the profile normally seen in a person “with lower cardio-metabolic risk.”

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An Easier Way to Find Nutritional Information on McDonald’s Cherry Berry Chiller

We’ve had a lot of traffic to our site in recent days, specifically a lot of traffic looking for nutritional information about McDonald’s new cherry berry chiller.

That caused us to think about all the McDonald items, indeed all the fast food items, we’ve reported on since starting the blog in 2010. We decided to make it easier for you, our readers, to find fast food nutritional information we posted by creating a new page for our blog.

You can find nutritional info for a range of other McDonald’s offerings here on guysandgoodhealth.com. Just search for McDonald’s here.

If you look at the top of our home page, you’ll now see a listing for fast food nutritional information. Click on that to see our new page, listing McDonald’s and Subway items we’ve written about. We’ve had some others as well, as we find those, we will add them to this page. We’ll also be adding new items as we write about them.

So next time you’re wondering what to eat for lunch, click on this page for a quick rundown of nutritional information that will help you make a more informed, and hopefully healthier, choice.
John & Tony

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How Many Calories in Subway’s Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki?

Another sandwich Subway has been advertising under its “fit meets flavor” advertising tagline is its Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki.

Subway’s sweet onion chicken teriyaki

Checking Subways’ nutrition info for this one, it comes in at 380 calories for a six-inch. But again the sodium content seems high at 900 mgs, or about half a day’s recommended level, depending on your health. Continue reading

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How Many Calories in Subway’s Smokehouse BBQ Chicken?

Subway has been advertising a new sandwich called its smokehouse BBQ chicken, so I decided to check out the nutrition info for it. I’m always hoping that some new offering from Subway, McDonald’s or another restaurant will be tasty, yet not include things that are bad for me, such as a high level of sodium or fat.

Subway lists the nutrition info for the smokehouse BBQ chicken on the home page for the sandwich, so give it credit for being upfront with the info. A six-inch BBQ chicken has a manageable 380 calories and only 6 grams of fat. But the sodium count is still high, at 950 mgs.

Subway’s Smokehouse BBQ Chicken

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Losing Weight in the New Year — One More Food Change

The one junk food that surprised me on the list of foods I ate the most often last year was chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t think I’d had them all that often. But LoseIt! tells me I recorded eating chocolate chip cookies 48 times in 2011, almost once a week.

I consumed 22,884 calories of chocolate chip cookies in 2011, that number really took me by surprise. In terms of calories consumed, cookies were my sixth most consumed item.
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Happy Birthday-and-a-Half To Us

Today marks 18 months since Tony and I began this blog. It’s been an interesting evolution to watch. I think the process has made Tony a serious advocate for healthy eating while it’s left me as skeptical as ever about heeding advice. Whether it be from the latest food fad or exercise guru or medical type telling me they know what I need to do to live longer.

Hopefully our blend of posts has been informative and even enlightening for you, helping you navigate your way through all the food minefields out there. Maybe we’ve even helped you get a bit more fit, eat a bit healthier.

We’ll be reposting our favorite items in the next few days. See what we enjoyed writing the most and let us know what you think of them.

What have you been reading? Pretty much anything we write about McDonald’s. Below is a list of the 15 most viewed posts and/or pages on our site (I took out the Home Page because I think we’ve occasionally sent people there instead of to a specific post).
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How Many Calories in a Subway Italian B.M.T.?

Subway is featuring an oldie but a goodie as its sandwich of the month for July, the Italian B.M.T.

This is an offering I bought frequently in the days when Subway first started opening stores in the Chicago area where I live. But it’s also one I haven’t touched since I started paying closer attention to ingredients, particularly to Sodium content. Here’s why.

Subway’s nutrition info lists a 6-inch B.M.T. as having 450 calories, which for a lunch isn’t bad at all. But the same 6-inch has 1,500 mgs of Sodium. Double that for a foot-long and you have 900 calories and 3,000 mgs of Sodium. An adult needs only 250 – 500 mg of sodium per day.  For people over age 50 and for anyone with high blood pressure, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends no more than 1500 mg a day.  In the U.S. diet, processed foods contribute 75 percent of the sodium consumed.

The foot-long also has 40 grams of fat and 16 grams of saturated fat, assuming a foot-long’s numbers are double those of the six inch.

Subway definitely offers healthy choices, but not everything it sells is totally healthy, so be a discerning diner when you opt for Subway.

My choice there is almost always salad with oil and vinegar and a little roast beef. Subway lists that at 140 calories and 450 mgs of Sodium (presumably in the roast beef). Avoid the packaged dressings, they’re loaded with Sodium too.


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How Many Calories in a Subway Orchard Chicken Salad Sandwich?

Subway recently has been promoting its orchard chicken salad sandwich. I’m not a fan of chicken salad, but thought I’d check into the calorie count for our readers. I discovered a bit of a disagreement.

The Subway site has nutrition information for the sandwich. It lists a six-inch version at 370 calories, not bad if you make that your lunch. The sodium level, something I’m still checking despite that controversial recent study saying salt levels don’t matter to heart health, is 560 mgs, again not so bad if you stay with the six inch, a foot-long would double that, presumably, to 1,120 or half a day’s worth of salt.

To find out more about these important sodium levels read Tony’s How Much is Too Much Salt?
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Subway Cuts Salt Content in Sandwiches

I’ve written here many times that Subway portrays itself as the healthy fast food choice, but its sandwiches often contain unhealthy amounts of sodium, something people like me who battle high blood pressure need to be very concerned about.

Well, kudos to Subway for addressing the sodium problem. It has announced a move to cut sodium in its offerings. It plans to cut sodium by 28 percent in its Fresh Fit line of sandwiches and 15 percent in overall sandwich offerings. The example being most widely reported is that for a 6-inch ham sandwich, sodium content will fall to 830 mg compared with 1,260 mg today.

Oddly enough, I didn’t find that announcement on the Subway Web site Monday night, the day of the announcement, neither on the home page nor on the press release page; so Subway PR and Web folks, please post all the sodium contents for new offerings ASAP.
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How Many Calories in Subway’s Double Bacon, Egg & Cheese?

Subway’s $5 foot-long for April is its double bacon, egg & cheese, basically a breakfast offering that it’s making available all day.

Because this one is on its regular menu, Subway does have calorie information for it on its nutrition page. A six-inch version of this has 520 calories and an eye-popping 1,430 mg of sodium, more than half your daily recommended amount. I’m assuming a great deal of that sodium is in the bacon involved but I would guess there’s quite a bit in the flat bread as well. While many places are touting flat bread these days as a smart alternative to regular bread, I find it invariably has more sodium and so is a poor substitute.
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How Many Calories in a Subway Chicken Cordon Bleu?

Subway is at it again, bringing back its chicken cordon bleu sub. Subway’s site has no calories information on it that I could find, so I went searching again.

This time, my favorite site for checking calorie counts, dietfacts.com, had the info. A six-inch Subway cordon blue has 420 calories, dietfacts.com says. So double that for a foot-long and you’re at 840 calories, not altogether outrageous for one meal if you’re trying for the 2,100 a day calorie budget.

But the salt content of this special is off the charts, or at least off the charts of anyone trying not to consume so much salt that it has other negative effects on their bodies. A six-inch has 1,160 mg of Sodium, more than half what’s recommended daily. The guidelines issued by the government say that adults should reduce daily Sodium intake to less than 2300 mg per day. For those over age 51, or with a medical condition like diabetes or hypertension, salt intake should fall below 1500 mg. The American Heart Association puts the limit at 1500 mg per day for the entire population. These new quarter pounders all push the envelope on Sodium.”That would mean a foot-long would have all the salt you should consume in a day. Add some chips and you’re over. Add anything else processed and you’re likely to be over.


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How Many Calories in Subway’s Meatball Pepperoni?

Sandwich shops have sprouted like weeds in recent years with Subway leading the charge. These places are convincing people that a sandwich made in front of you is healthier than a burger from McDonald’s or one of its hamburger cousins.

Indeed, Subway has built its reputation as a healthy place to eat, going so far as to be a Biggest Loser sponsor with contestants regularly eating at Subway.

But let’s not get carried away, a sandwich is only as healthy as what goes into it, starting with the bread and ending with the oil, vinegar, etc. you might pick to spice it up a bit.

I give Subway credit for posting nutrition info and also lists of what items to avoid if you want to avoid salt, etc. Indeed, I eat lunch there often, getting a roast beef salad with only a little oil and lots of vinegar because it’s one of the least harmful lunches I can find.

But recently Subway has been promoting a meatball and pepperoni sub that cannot be healthy. I tried finding nutritional info for it on the Subway site but can’t. What’s more, a meal builder option Subway has doesn’t list salt content for sandwiches, something critical for me and millions of other people to know.

Subway’s version of March Madness

I turned to myfitnesspal.com to find the six-inch version listed at 630 calories and 1,550 mgs of sodium, way too much sodium to consume in one meal. Experts recommend 1500 mgs PER DAY for sodium consumption.

There’s also 21 grams of sugars listed (almost 5 teaspoons full), not very helpful in my try to consume less sugar. And keep in mind that’s for a six-inch, Subway is promoting the $5 foot-long version of this, so double these numbers if you order one of those.


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Gather Tomatoes While Ye May, a Tomato Shortage is Here

Tomatoes are among the few healthy eating items that I truly love. When I was growing up, I often ate them like other people eat apples, just biting into a whole one and finishing it off between stickball games in my native Brooklyn.

So I’m aghast to read that we are likely in the midst of a major tomato shortage because of growing problems in both Florida and Mexico. You can read Time’s take on the problem on our health news page.

I did my own on-the-street digging into it last week and heard from a local Subway franchisee that he was down to a very short supply, perhaps a day or two. He wanted to look for supplies on his own, but told me he has to buy through Subway as per his franchise agreement, so he was hoping the chain could find him some tomatoes.

My lunch most days is a Subway salad, about 135 calories, no dressing, only vinegar and a tiny bit of oil. Without the tomatoes, it’s going to be rough.

Let us know what you’re seeing in your local areas, are tomatoes missing from food retailers’ shelves? Restaurants, fast food outlets?

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Looking Back: My Junk Food Blues

As we celebrate our first six months of blogging, we’re looking back to some of our favorite posts. Reading through mine, I’m struck by the number of times I write about fast food places and whether it’s possible to eat anything healthy at them.

In June, for example, I wrote about the fast food breakfast wars by discussing a new Subway offering:

Subway Misses the Taste Mark With One Breakfast Offering

In April, I wrote:

Stopping at Subway – What to Pick

It’s a constant struggle to eat healthy away form home, if someone can find a way, write use and help all of us who eat a large number of meals away from home out.

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Two Guys Midweek Food News: Chickens and Cancer Warnings

Will fast food places soon be posting cancer warnings about their chicken? Look to California for the answer in stories on our Food & Exercise News page this week.

Also, read about continued testing of Gulf Coast seafood as shrimpers there take to their boats once more. And see which fast food places Zagat found consumers like the best. It’s all in our mid-week food news roundup. Click through to the Two Guys Food News Page or click on links below

In cancer-warning fight, court rules against California restaurants
Eat an Apple (Doctor’s Orders)
Gulf seafood gets intense safety testing
The Minds Behind the Shopping Carts
Supermarket product sales reflect adaptations to changes in consumer shopping habits
Food labels’ sins of omission
Wi-Fi, coupons draw fast-food breakfast customers
Zagat users rank top restaurant chains

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Subway Misses the Taste Mark With One Breakfast Offering

The fast food breakfast market has gotten a lot more crowded in recent days. Even though research shows people eating breakfast out less often because of the recession, the fast food titans seem to think they can capture part of the shrinking breakfast away from home pie.

Subway has been touting its new breakfast menu as healthier than the rest, so I recently tried one of its offerings on a day when Subway was literally giving away breakfast sandwiches to drum up repeat business.

I tried an egg white muffin melt — egg whites, ham and cheese on a wheat English muffin. Sorry Subway, you’re not going to lure me away from my high fiber cereal with this one. Even adding lettuce, tomato, olives and catsup didn’t help me on this one.

My half-eaten Subway breakfast sandwich

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