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What Happens When You Start Running Again?

This has been a summer of one house catastrophe after another for me. You may have read about the week we lost power after a major storm hit the Chicago area and our utility company, Commonwealth Edison, was MIA for 88 hours when it came to repairing downed lines in our neighborhood.

The loss of power meant no riding my exercise bike, which was in our darkened basement. With the power finally back on June 25, I resumed my bike riding, finding that I’d lost weight while not biking, but it had been muscle, not fat (I use a scale that measures body fat percentage daily; mine rose 2 percent in the week I did not bike even as I dropped two pounds).

This Tuesday, we had our second trauma of the summer, our water heater began leaking into the basement and I could not get it replaced for two days, meaning the basement rug and two walls were soaked. A clean-up team came yesterday and left two giant fans down there, it sounds like a small airport under our feet.

Soaked wall board was cut out in my water-logged basement; padding under the carpet was a total loss.

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