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The value of one hour of bike riding …

I thought there were some interesting observations in this. I would just like to add that personally, I have found my regular bike riding to be like a moving meditation. Consciously I enjoy the sensation of flying across the pavement, but unconsciously, a whole other thing takes place. I can’t explain it, but often I can create a blog post in my head and when I get home just write it like someone else is dictating it.

I will be 79 next month, but I feel better than I did when I was back in the work force 20 years ago. Biking has a lot to do with that. Think about giving it a chance. You probably enjoyed it as a kid.

One of the things I have learned writing this blog is that a sedentary lifestyle can be as bad as smoking for your health. Get moving ….


Best wishes for the holidays!



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How Do You Benefit From Regular Bike Riding?

I have just finished my 12th bicycling year. Sound weird? It isn’t. My bicycling year works the same as a fiscal year for corporations.

I retired on October 2, 2000. That was 12 years ago. When I retired I promised myself I would ride my bicycle at least 2000 miles a year.  That’s Tony’s version of a bucket list.

So, I started counting the miles I rode on October 3, 2000 the first day of my retirement.

I love this piece of artwork. It is from a T shirt sold by onegear.com

As of yesterday, I had ridden 7447 miles in the 12 months ending October second. That is a new record! The previous year, I rode 6339 miles. I averaged just over 20 miles a day for the 365 days. Burning around 40 calories a mile, I averaged burning 800 calories a day on the bike alone.

I ride the bike because I love doing it. But, I ride the bike as close to daily as possible because it is my way of paying for my old age one bike ride at a time. I work my cardiovascular system to let my heart know I still care.

Our bodies need daily exercise. Also, having learned about the benefits of cardiovascular exercise on the brain, I am riding to protect myself from the dementia that has evidenced itself in my family.

I have written about the relationship between exercise and the brain a number of times for this blog. Check out Important Facts About Your Brain for a list. Or click on the brain link at the right.
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