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14 Reasons to disconnect on the weekend – Infographic

As an old retired guy, I have to look backwards to remember the intensity of the engagement I felt when I was in the working world. I remember that I considered going to sleep an intrusion on my productive day. I often failed to get a good night’s sleep. Ditto on weekends, you could usually find me in the office on Saturdays. Turns out that neither of those actions was wise.

I am now in my 18th year of retirement. I have been writing this blog for nearly eight years. I think one of the best posts I have done is my Page – How important is a good night’s sleep? I hope you will check it out. Recharging is one of the best and healthiest activities there is for our brain and body. A kind of corollary of not enough sleep is that prolonged sitting hurts us. You can check out my Page – Do you know the dangers of too much sitting? for more details.


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Boosting productivity at work may be simple: Stand up

I have only become aware of the dangers of prolonged sitting in the past year. Prior to that I lived on an island of ignorance. Now,  however, I have my Apple watch to remind me stand and move around every hour or so. You can explore the risks of sitting too long on my Page – Do you know the dangers of too much sitting?

Standing desks have been around for a while and are another method of addressing the sitting too long problem. Seems that they may also be useful in boosting production.


Most people have heard the argument that standing desks are good for the body. They can help burn more calories and fight obesity. Standing can even help improve students’ attention and cognitive functioning. Now, new research from the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health indicates that they may boost productivity in adults as well. Continue reading


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