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Can Your Genes Keep You From Losing Weight?

A recent issue of Time Magazine takes on the topic of Gym vs. Genes with fascinating results.

Published in the Health & Science Briefing section, the item states, “Our DNA play a major role in how we look, how we act and how long we live, but it doesn’t dictate our destiny.

“A study finds that people who inherited copies of FTO, the first gene to be linked to obesity, were able to counteract their predisposition to fatness by exercising.

“People with FTO were 30 percent less likely to pack on pounds if they were physically active than if they weren’t. Gym 1. Genes 0.”

I have to confess to a certain amount of satisfaction upon learning that. As our regular readers know exercise is the sine qua non here on the blog.

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Last, but not least, controlling your weight is about taking responsibility for it and not hiding behind the ‘bad genes’ excuse.

Eat less; move more; live longer


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