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Walk this way – or any way – to better health

For the record, I have written about the benefits of walking numerous times here. You can check out my Page – Why you should walk more.

National Walking Day is Wednesday, April 6, 2022. Established by the American Heart Association and celebrated on the first Wednesday in April, National Walking Day is a day take a walk, move, dance…do whatever works to get you moving and help you kick-off a commitment to a lifetime of healthy living.

The American Heart Association cites research showing the health benefits of regular walking and the importance of safe walking spaces in communities

Photo by Lukas Hartmann on Pexels.com

Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood or a power-walk in the park, the American Heart Association, the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on heart and brain health for all, says taking part in physical activity is one of the best ways to manage stress, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke and boost your mood.


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