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Creating Health Bite by Bite: The Wonders of Diet and Digestion

Let’s think about what happens when we eat. We take in vegetables, grains, and animal products and we transmute those materials into their fundamental components in a form that our cells can assimilate. From that we create tissues, organs, bones, and fluids. We eat a tomato and turn it into a heart. We are recreating ourselves everyday through a process to which we give little to no thought or attention.



The process of eating and digesting is a wondrous thing. It is magic. It is alchemy. Ayurveda acknowledges this. In our Western culture the process of eating has become mindless or at best, a form of entertainment. Too often as we eat we watch TV, have meetings or socialize or, worse, we eat standing or on the run. The consequences of this disconnection to the process of eating and digestion are seen in the growing prevalence of problems such as malabsorption, irritable bowel, food sensitivities, bloating, gastritis, indigestion/heartburn, and excess gas. It also leads to lowered immunity. Before opting for a flu shot this winter, think about fine-tuning your eating habits.

There is an ancient Ayurvedic proverb: “Without proper diet, medicine is of no use. With proper diet, medicine is of no need.” When we think of proper diet we need to think not just of what we eat but…

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Mindful eating

There are some really good ideas here. I have noticed that in the past few years since starting the blog, I often find myself late in the meal simply stopping rather than just eating because it tastes good.

Healthy Life Co.

Mindfulness is everywhere at the moment.  At its core, mindfulness is about focusing on the 8_Ways_Mindful_Eating_Can_Help_You_Lose_Weight.07.27.13present moment, and experiencing the sights, sounds, smells and other sensations of right here, right now.  It stems from Eastern philosophy and is a cornerstone of the eighfold path of Buddhism.

Mindful eating applies the principles of mindfulness to our relationship with food.  How many times have you found yourself snacking on something and realising you’re not actually hungry?  Or eating because you’re bored, stressed out, or because people around you are eating? Or somehow finishing the whole plate and wondering how it happened?

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