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How Many Calories in McDonald’s Chicken Clubhouse Sandwich?

LeBron James is the newest member of the exclusive club that also includes Johnny Football. We see him entering the exclusive gathering. Lucky LeBron – he gets to  have McDonald’s newest creation – the Chicken Club Houe Sandwich. So goes the TV commercial.

Maybe not so lucky LeBron.


There are 670 calories in the sammy. That comes to around a third of a normal person’s calorie needs in a single day. But wait. Does anyone go to Mickey D’s and just have a sammy? Probably not. There are drinks and shakes galore that kick up the calorie count. Not to mention fries.

So if you just go for the sandwich, you are a third of the way there on your food for the day, but if you add a soft drink or fries, you will up the ante by several hundred calories and either have to eat less later or go over your calorie budget for the day.

Here is further nutrition info: 36 grams of protein. Not bad. The average adult needs around 55 grams per day, so the Chicken Club does a good job in satisfying your protein quota.

There are 33 grams of fat. That’s kind of high.

Cholesterol, 85 mg, not bad at all.

Fiber, 3 grams. This is a small amount. The average adult needs around 35 to 40 grams to maintain good health.

Carbs, 58 grams, okay.

Sodium, at 1410 mg, is problematic. As I wrote in reviewing the new quarter pounders, “The guidelines issued by the government say that adults should reduce daily sodium intake to less than 2300 mg per day. For those over age 51, or with a medical condition like diabetes or hypertension, salt intake should fall below 1500 mg. The American Heart Association puts the limit at 1500 mg per day for the entire population.”

Too much sodium puts you at risk for high blood pressure and kidney disease.

So, the new Chicken Club House Sandwich is a high calorie concoction with a lot of protein, but too much sodium. Calorie count could also put  you over your daily budget.


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How Many Calories in McDonald’s Chicken Club Sandwich?

One of the disappointing aspects of this sammy at Mickey D’s is that chicken on a sandwich usually suggests – lower calories. Not so on this baby.

WebMD puts this at a 620 calorie level with 29 grams of fat, 7 grams of saturated fat and 1,200 mg of Sodium.

Regarding Sodium, the Centers for Disease Control recommends that most people consume less than 1,500 mg per day. So, this eats up nearly your whole Sodium budget for the day. I wrote Foods That Hide High Sodium and Some Sneaky Salt Statistics earlier this month. You need to be wary of other ‘salt bombs.’

WebMD does concede that the honey wheat roll, lettuce and tomato are healthy touches.

As a tweak, WebMD suggests that you get grilled chicken, instead of fried; mustard instead of mayo.


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