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How I Lost 50 pounds in 52 weeks

A little history first. You need to know how I got so overweight in the first place.

I started at around 175 pounds, a little heavy, but not horrible. This goes back several years when I left my job and my wife in the same year. Big mistake. I don’t recommend making two life-altering decisions in the same year if you can help it. I am sure these emotional earthquakes impacted my physical, not to mention, emotional, situation.

My daughter and me in January 2004.

My brother offered to let me have an office in his suite of offices not far from my apartment. I accepted. He happens to be in the restaurant business and he generously invited me to lunch most days. Because he was in the business he didn’t worry about paying for lunch, so I didn’t have to, either. He ate intelligently and never gained any weight. I, on the other hand, did not and did. I packed on pound after pound, week after week.

After three years of this, I had ballooned up to around 225 pounds and my waistline had swelled to 44 from 36 inches. Looking down at my bulging abdomen one day, I realized it was time to get serious about my condition. At that time I was riding my bike about 9 months out of twelve for something like 2000 miles a year. So, I packed on these pounds in spite of the biking. If I hadn’t been riding, I would have gained even more.

I shot this Wednesday on my birthday this year.

For my weight reduction program, I did not want to count calories. If I had it to do over again, of course, I absolutely would.

At that time I thought that cardio work was the only thing that would burn off fat so I set about doing at least five and often six cardio workouts a week. I would do the treadmill at a 4 mph clip for around 25 to 40 minutes a day. Then log another 15 minutes on the Schwinn Airdyne stationary bike. On alternate days I included resistance work. While I didn’t understand that building lean muscle mass would increase my calorie burn, I was under the impression that working out with weights on a day that you did cardio activity essentially doubled the benefit of the cardio work. Urban legend? Old wives’ tale? I don’t know; I just did it.
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