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Not so sweet facts about sugars – AHA

Two days ago I published a super infographic on How to beat your sugar addiction. You can check it out by clicking the link.

Sugars in your diet can be naturally occurring or added. Naturally occurring sugars are found naturally in foods such as fruit (fructose) and milk (lactose). Added sugars are sugars and syrups put in foods during preparation or processing, or added at the table.


Foods Containing Added Sugars

The major sources of added sugars are regular soft drinks, sugars, candy, cakes, cookies, pies and fruit drinks (fruitades and fruit punch); dairy desserts and milk products (ice cream, sweetened yogurt and sweetened milk); and other grains (cinnamon toast and honey-nut waffles).

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Sugar Explained

There is so much talk about sugar being bad for you, but the truth is that nothing can be too bad for you as long as it is consumed in moderation. Just because something contains sugar does not mean that it is not nutritious. For example, we cannot cut out fructose from our diets because then we would not be meeting our daily needs in fruit and we are at risk of deficiencies of various vitamins and minerals.

Your Health Share

I have found that when people are discussing sugar, they are usually talking about the ‘bad’ sugars such as those sugars found in cakes and chocolate. People often don’t realise that virtually everything we eat (with the exception of meat) contains some form of sugar, probably the most common being glucose. Glucose is one of the most important compounds in our diet as it is our body’s main source of fuel. It is a carbohydrate and is found in almost all the foods we eat. So, I always find it quite confusing and a little funny when people say “I quit sugar!’, or ‘Is there sugar in this?’, because I don’t really think they realise that almost everything we eat is actually made up of some sort of sugar.

The whole topic of sugar can be quite confusing. It has taken me a very long time to understand all the different…

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