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Some Tips on Achieving a Healthy Weight from the Mayo Clinic

In a special report to new subscribers (me) to The Mayo Clinic Health Letter, the Clinic offers some excellent tips on controlling your weight. I was happy to see several that might have come from this blog’s page How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off.

Their first suggestion is to Use a smaller plate to make less food seem like more. A really nice subconscious motivator.

Keep a bowl of fruit in a handy place so it’s easy to reach for a snack.

Number two is another good one: Keep a bowl of fruit in a handy place so it’s easy to reach for a healthy snack. I like the way they use logistics.

Number three is to Eat Breakfast. Excellent suggestion. We agree completely. Start the day fuelishly not foolishly.

Number four – Replace calorie-laden beverages with water. I would add that this applies equally to diet sodas which have few if any calories but are loaded with unfriendly chemicals. For more on diet sodas check out my post What’s wrong with drinking diet soda daily?

Number five – Keep measuring cups and spoons handy to measure out servings until you have learned to estimate them accurately. Great idea, I am all about portion control here.

Number six – Brush your teeth or chew gum after meals to discourage yourself from snacking. Must confess this was new to me but seems like a good idea.

Number seven – Measure out servings rather than eating directly from the package. This is especially helpful when snacking. Measure out a serving, close up the bag and return it to the cupboard. DON’T sit and eat out of a big bag.

Last, but not least – Consider buying yourself a kitchen scale. Again, I agree completely. You can read my blog post Get a food scale for portion control.


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