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Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th. For the benefit of those who might not remember – Independence Day is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence, which was ratified by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

At the risk of anthropomorphizing, I wanted to include this shot of my newly adopted dog, Boots, because I thought he looked particularly patriotic.



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Happy 4th of July!

I hope you are having a Wonderful 4th of July!



475113975_1821858.gifcaptain america wonder woman 4th of July 2014.jpeg





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How to Practice Weight Control over the 4th of July Holiday?


I hope you had a safe a sane holiday weekend and didn’t go overboard in the food department. I thought I would share some of my holiday with you. I know that a lot of people get heavily into the cooking out option on what many consider the first official weekend of summer. Depending on the host and hostess that can be very difficult to navigate in a healthy manner. Trying to munch on any veggies that might be offered, like carrots or apples instead of chips is one good guideline for you.

I love the contrast in the light  - below electric; above natural.

I shot this July fifth sunrise in Chicago on my bike ride. I love the contrast in the light – below electric; above natural. Yet another benefit of riding a bicycle.

I live in town so I didn’t do a cookout. However, my girlfriend and I went to the local riverboat for some gambling fun and were comped to very nice meals there. I had a catfish dinner with some delicious clam chowder on Friday while she indulged in a very clever mac and cheese dish with grilled chicken breast on top. There was pudding for dessert which topped brunch off nicely. My girlfriend had the best natural weight control appetite I have ever encountered. Even though I consider myself to be successful at weight control, I have learned some good practices from her. For example, she never has two big meals on successive days. She says she feels her system needs time to  work through it and eats lightly on the second day. As it turns out our comped lunch Friday wasn’t one of the usual ‘free buffet’ blowouts and we had a dinner, although on the light side that evening and finished off with popcorn and a movie (Mesrine – the French gangster). For the record I make our popcorn with coconut oil which is the way I had it in the movies as a child. Check out my Page – Coconut Oil – Why You Should Include it in Your Diet to read more.

On Saturday we dined at a more elegant dining room in the casino and ate more substantially. She had eggs benedict and I had a crab meat omelet. From the buffet section, I had a fruit cup and a slice of bacon and she had several slices of bacon. My omelet came with dry rye toast that I finished off with strawberry jelly. That was a slightly heavier meal than Friday’s. We also made a Costco run and indulged in a number of their tasting samples, too. For dinner we had a light dinner of some left over nachos and again popcorn with a movie (Raiders of the Lost Ark) .

In addition to our outings to the river boat, I rode my bike around 70 miles over the three day weekend. I like to ride a sunrise because there are often beautiful sunrises over Lake Michigan where I live on the Chicago Lakefront. It is always a good idea to get some exercise in no matter what your plans are the rest of the day. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I always have an eighth of a watermelon after riding because I love it and it restores my energy completely. You can check my How Healthy is Watermelonn for more details.










As of Sunday morning I hadn’t put on any pounds and also felt that my energy was good. I hope you enjoy the biking illustrations.


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