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Keeping your smartphone nearby may not be so smart – Harvard

I am an Apple fanboy and have owned an iPhone for years. I do rely on it very much. I would not consider taking my bike out for my daily ride without checking the radar to see what the chances of rain are. The same is true of weather conditions in general. I love the convenience of the machine as well as the power of having a little computer at my fingertips when I travel. It appears that there is a downside to Steve Jobs’s little godsend, though, according to Harvard Health Publications.


Imagine you were asked to complete a series of math problems, ones just hard enough to require your attention and focus, but nothing you couldn’t handle. Now, imagine you were intermittently interrupted from these math problems and asked to remember a random list of letters. This might be even tougher. Continue reading


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For the love of Yogify

Using Yogify has significantly improved my yoga capabilities for a fraction of the price of a studio membership – and because it’s on my iPhone, I can practice my f l o w, wherever I go (cringe, but it had to be done). I’m pretty certain that once I’ve finished Level 1, I’ll buy Level 2. It doesn’t really matter if you complete all of the levels, because you can go over and re-do classes that focus on a specific area or that become your favourites!

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JogAlot – An Iffy iPod App to Track Calories

I’m constantly searching for iPod apps that can help in my weight challenges. Tony and I both have told you how much we love Lose It. In future posts, I’ll be reviewing some competitor apps to see how they stack up to Lose It.

But here I want to talk briefly about an app called JogAlot which is supposed to track calories you burn walking or running.
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