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7 Five Minute Dinners Nutritionists Eat – Infographic

We haven’t heard much from Mr. Lazy Cook lately, but this infographic is right up his alley. Some very simple and healthy food combos here. The simple illustrations suggest nice portion sizes, too.




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25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods – Infographic

This is a Women’s Health infographic. Thought it was especially interesting.


Buon Appetito!


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13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics

Regular readers know that I have been using infographics a lot on the blog lately. Here is an explanation why I have and why you like them so much. As a journalist, of course, I am blown away by how very much information they can get across in such a short time.

When you finish this, if you find your mind interested in your brain and its functions, check out my Page – Important Facts About Your Brain (And Exercise Benefits) for lots more, some of it the old-fashioned way.

infographics-infographic-01-2015If you liked this, you can go to an animated, interactive version where you can click on the sources of every fact. Fun stuff for kids like us.


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40 Facts About Fitness – Infographic

I couldn’t resist this one. There are loads of great facts below. Here is just one that caught my eye. If you are 25 pounds overweight, you have nearly 5,000 extra miles of blood vessels through which your heart must pump blood. How’s that for a reason to get yourself together.

Check out my Page – How to Lose Weight (and Keep it Off) for more.




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What Are My Risks for Getting Heart Disease? – Infographic

I must confess I was blown away by the information in this infographic from the American Heart Association.

The three parts are the whole story: What are my risks? What are the 7 Simple Keys to Prevention? Am I making progress or excuses? That says it all. Take your time on this, your heart health could depend on it.


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20 Benefits of Walking – Infographic

I couldn’t be a bigger fan of walking. I consider walking to be the Cinderella of the exercise world. Maybe the Rodney Dangerfield would be more accurate. Nobody gives it very much respect. Yet it benefits us in so many ways.


Although Number six said it is a low impact exercise, it is nonetheless a weight bearing exercise which we all need for strong bones.

Please don’t stop here. I have a Page dedicated to the benefits of walking – Why You Should Walk More. There are lots more ways that your body, brain and mind can benefit.



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Don’t Throw Away That Dark Banana – Infographic

This little fact was mind-blowing to me. Hopefully, there is an element of surprise in it for you, too.


Regular readers know that I have a banana every day in my morning smoothie. I have posted on this edible yellow fruit (botanically, it’s a berry) several times. To read further, check out:

7 Amazing Facts About Bananas – Infographic
More Good Reasons to eat Bananas – Infographic
6 Super Facts About Bananas – Infographics

Higher Perspective says, “So the best time to eat a banana? When it’s fully ripe. But it’s worth noting, if you suffer Type 2 diabetes, you may want to eat a ripe banana with nut butter. The fat in the butter will slow down sugar absorption in your blood stream so it doesn’t hit you all at once.”



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7 Amazing Facts About Bananas – Infographic

This isn’t the first time I have posted an infographic about bananas. I love them. I have one every morning in my smoothie. Below are some of the reasons why.

Here are some more banana posts:
More Good Reasons to eat Bananas – Infographic
6 Super Facts About Bananas – Infographic



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What are the KEY Numbers to My Good Health? – Infographic

Regular readers are by now keenly aware that I love infographics. As an old journalist, I am knocked out by the amount of information they can convey in a very short space or period of time. I think your investing a minute or two to dig through this one will yield you some very useful facts for keeping your body in tiptop shape.

I love the little one in the corner that says, “300 is the amount of extra calories often consumed by those who don’t get a good night’s sleep.” That one alone was worth your visiting the blog today.

I hope you have a happy productive day!



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What a 1500 Calorie Day Looks Like

Sometimes it helps to visualize something rather than just talk about it. Herewith a picture of a 1500 calorie day. Since the average sized person needs around 2000 calories a day to maintain body weight, a week of this 1500 calorie would likely reduce weight by one pound as there are 3500 calories in a pound. This assumes no extra exercise which would also burn calories.

I think it is worth noting that this reduced calorie day still has a good amount of food in it. So, the person undertaking it would not necessarily be undergoing any physical hardship. These are good nutritious foods that provide sustenance, not empty junk calories.



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8 Benefits of Eating Eggs – Infographic


What seems like a hundred years ago, I was a young reporter on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange covering, among other markets, the Shell Egg Futures market. As a result I daily came in contact with folks in the egg industry. I started eating eggs regularly and my health did not suffer in any way. If you want to read further about the benefits of eating eggs, check out this post: Is it Healthy to Eat Eggs Regularly?


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Body Hacks for a Longer Life – Infographic

As 2014 winds down, a lot of us are re-evaluating things heading into 2015. Here are a number of helpful and healthful hacks that can keep the only equipment humming along for another 12 months.

Eat less; move more will win the day. Remember that Exercise is Not Optional.




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The Science of Vitamins & the Body – Infographic

I am a great believer in the idea that one picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to infographics, I think that power is multiplied. I hope you can find some enlightenment in the following infographic. Vitamins are crucial to our good health. The more you know about them, the better.



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6 Reasons You Should Eat Bananas – Infographic


To read further on the brain check out:15 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Brain – Infographic, 5 steps to improve your brain health and my Page: Important Facts About Your Brain.


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December 7, 2014 · 6:05 am

What Are Some Superfoods for Mind and Body? – Infographic

One of the things I like about this infographic is that it covers the whole being. It is not just weight loss, or muscle-building, but mind and body.



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Favorite Facts About Bicycling – Infographics

As regular readers know I ride my bike pretty much daily here in Chicago. So I enjoy pics of bikes. Herewith some of my collection:

I love these interesting and very positive facts about biking.

I love these interesting and very positive facts about biking.

Besides being fact-filled, I thought this one looked like a lot of fun.4754fe710cfdefe202370ca75b586147215143a0dbde486798fed8686bf06533-1

Nothing more to say.

Nothing more to say.

Last and not least, enjoy this lovely three minute film by fashion designer Phillip Lim – Girls on Bikes:



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