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Is sugar killing you?

The new paradigm hypothesizes that sugar has adverse health effects above any purported role as “empty calories” promoting obesity. … Too much sugar does not just make us fat; it can also make us sick.

I have written about the ravages of sugar previously. Check out A love Letter to Hostess Ho Ho/s – NOT for further details.


Our Better Health

A recent study found a significant relationship between added sugar consumption and increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

A recent study reported in JAMA Internal Medicine found a significant relationship between added sugar consumption and increased risk death from cardiovascular disease. The new study is significant because previous studies have linked higher intake of added sugar with cardiovascular disease risk factors; this new study actually measured the association of overconsumption with increased risk of death, not just risk factors, from cardiovascular disease.  By “added sugar overconsumption,” the authors refer to a total daily consumption of sugars added to products during manufacturing (ie, not naturally occurring sugars, as in fresh fruit) in excess of dietary limits recommended by experts. Past concerns revolved around obesity and dental cavities as the main health hazards.


The JAMA study noted that among US adults, percentage of daily calories from added sugar increased from 16%…

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Sugar Overpowers Fat in Cravings Test

As a person who has battled his belt line over the years, I have overindulged in sweet treats like ice cream as well as fat treats like pizza. I know that each felt compelling at the time, but it turns out that sugar has more powerful impact on the brain’s pleasure centers than fat, according to a recent study published in the US National Library of Medicine.

Hostess Ho Ho's

Hostess Ho Ho’s

The New York Times picked it up and explained that it is the sugar and not the fat that primarily triggers the brain’s receptors.

“The new research tracked brain activity in more than 100 high school students as they drank chocolate-flavored milkshakes that were identical in calories but either high in sugar and low in fat, or vice versa. While both kinds of shakes lit up pleasure centers in the brain, those that were high in sugar did so far more effectively, firing up a food-reward network that plays a role in compulsive eating. Continue reading

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Has John Kicked the HoHo Habit? Not Exactly

Anyone who knows me knows that Hostess HoHos are my junk comfort food of choice. Life/work pressures last year contributed to me consuming 104,338 calories of HoHos, or the equivalent of 29.8 pounds of body weight.

I set a goal late last year to cut my HoHo consumption in 2012 to about 41,000 calories, or about two packages a week.

As the first quarter ended, however, I haven’t hit that target consumption rate, something that surprised me because I thought I was doing well. Continue reading

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