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Celebrate National Popcorn Day

Wellness Secrets of a SuperAger

I am a big fan of popcorn. It is a great snack that can be prepared in a healthy way. I avoid microwave popcorn like the plague.

National Popcorn Day 2013.jpg

I recommend buying regular popcorn and popping it in coconut oil with a simple salt flavoring. There are a number of flavored salts available which I don’t use, but aren’t harmful to you like what you get from a microwave.

Wikipedia says, “Corn was first domesticated 9,000 years ago in what is now Mexico.[3]Archaeologists discovered that people have known about popcorn for thousands of years. In Mexico, for example, remnants of popcorn have been found that date to around 3600 BC.[4]

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What’s in Doritos? – Infographic

We have just begun football season here, so Sundays in many homes will be characterized by folks in front of flat screens cheering on their favorite team. I plead guilty. Sunday is my favorite day of the week during football season because there are games all day, followed by Sunday Night Football.

All this has to do with the fact that while we are watching we are also munching, munching. I make popcorn in coconut oil that is as healthy as it is delicious. I hope you have a similar salubrious solution to game time munchies. I ran across this infographic on Doritos and wanted you to see it. Doritos is not the answer to your game time craving.

Check out my Page – Snacking – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for further details on healthy snacks.


Enjoy the game!


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55 Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories – Infographic

As an inveterate snacker, I have written a number of posts on healthy snacking. Check out my Page – Snacking – The good, the bad and the ugly for more details.

I ran across this infographic on Pinterest and thought you might find the information helpful in your weight control efforts. Remember studies have shown that dieters who grazed on limited calorie snacks every few hours suffered from less hunger pains than the ones who limited themselves to only three meals a day. You don’t have to suffer to lose weight. Be a little thoughtful and you can have your cake and eat it, too … just not too much.

Here is a list of the highlights:

One slice of homemade banana bread = 170 calories

One cup of fat free yogurt and a tablespoon of honey = 160 calories

One square of dark chocolate and one ounce of dried cherries = 155 calories

One 100 calorie whole wheat pita with 2 tablespoons hummus = 170 calories

One serving of pretzels dipped in spicy mustard = 120 calories

Two large hard-boiled eggs = 155 calories

One Cup watermelon cubes sprinkled with feta cheese and chopped dill = 115 calories



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