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What About Emu Oil?

Health Secrets of a SuperAger

I stumbled across this strange substance while in the dog park. Despite the expression, “What happens in the dog park stays in the dog park,” I am going to share my experience  with you.

There was a Doberman that had the most beautiful coat I had ever seen on a dog. This dog’s coat epitomized the word lustrous. The Dobe just stood out from the other canines. I asked the owner what she used to produce such a gorgeous coat. She said that she rubbed it with emu oil.

Not recognizing the word, I asked her to spell it. E-M-U. Okay, when I got home I went to work on the computer and learned from the Maple Springs Website: “Emu oil comes from the rendered and refined fat of the emu bird. The emu is similar to an ostrich, a member of the ratite family. Most of…

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What about Exercise after Surgery?

As regular readers know, I had Mohs Surgery for skin cancer on my face this week.

I am now cancer-free, but have a slightly longer than one inch incision on my cheek with more than a dozen stitches in it that needs to heal. I will go back in a week to have the stitches removed.

So what about exercising? For the most part I ride my bike every day that I can here in Chicago. But, I am recovering from a surgical wound on my face. What to do? Not to ride is really unappealing.

When I asked the nurse she said no biking for five days. I also had to cancel a dentist appointment for the next day because she feared I would pop a stitch in the dentist’s chair. Fair enough, I certainly don’t want to reopen the wound, but it seems to me that cycling doesn’t threaten it much. I asked the doctor and he said ‘a couple of days.’ I thought I could live with that especially since I was counting the day of the surgery as day one.
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