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About those plant-based meats – Tufts

Who hasn’t heard of these new plant-based meats? Many of us have tried one, too. I am not among their number. As you can see from the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter write up, below they are gaining popularity.

Sales of meat alternatives grew 30 percent in 2018, and this rapid growth is expected to continue. In 2019, plant-based meat alternatives hit the mainstream, with the nationwide introduction of meatless “meat” at multiple fast-food outlets (including Burger King, White Castle, DelTaco, and some McDonald’s locations.)

Making “Meat” from Plants: Until recently, the growing meat-alternative market was made up of patties, crumbles, nuggets, and other products made from textured vegetable protein or formed from beans, grains, mushrooms, and/or other vegetables. Now, a new kind of meat alternative has entered this growing market: plant-based “meat” that looks and tastes very much like, well… meat. “These products, like the Impossible Burger from Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat’s burgers and sausages, are designed to replicate the taste, texture, and chemical composition of meat,” says Nicole Negowetti, JD, a clinical instructor at the Harvard Animal Law and Policy Clinic.

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How to Tell if Produce is a Genetically Modified Organism

Because I am conscious of everything I put into my body, I care about the Genetically Modified Food, or Genetically Engineered food issue. Many food manufacturers are fighting against having the food labeled so we consumers can know what we are buying. If, as they say, the modifications are harmless, I don’t see why they are fighting the labeling.

I just ran across these infographics that I think can be helpful if you are a concerned consumer of fresh fruits and veggies.



Based on these, if you are trying to avoid GMO produce, you want to not take items preceded by an 8 on the label.

The President promised to get GMO labeling done, because Americans should know what they are eating.

If you have any thoughts on the GMO issue, please feel free to comment below.



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Where GMOs Hide in Your Food

You may be surprised to know that the federal government has not mandated that genetically modified organisms be proved safe before they’re used in your food. But safety assessments are mandatory in other major developed countries, including China, Japan, and the countries of the European Union.

To read further on Genetically Modified Organisms, check out:Vote with your pocketbook on GMO foods, Spending Millions To Prevent GMO Labeling, Unwitting Public Consuming More GMO Foods While Evidence Of Harm Continues To Mount.


Cooking with Kathy Man

New Consumer Reports’ tests find genetically modified organisms in many packaged foods—including those labeled ‘natural’

More than 70 percent of Americans say they don’t want genetically modified organisms in their food, according to a recent Consumer Reports National Research Center survey of 1,000 adults. The trouble is, it’s hard to avoid them. Consumer Reports’ tests of breakfast cereals, chips, soy infant formulas, and other popular products found that GMOs lurk in many packaged foods—including some that carry labels suggesting that they don’t have these controversial ingredients.

In more than 60 countries, manufacturers must label foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. But GMO labeling isn’t required in the U.S. Yet our survey found that 92 percent of Americans want genetically modified foods to be labeled. And concerns about the potential health and environmental risks of GMOs coupled with an unwillingness on the part of the federal government to mandate labeling are…

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Benefits of Plant-Based Diet – Infographic

Following is a reblog from reader and fellow blogger: Luke Jones. I hope you enjoy it. Please do check out his blog, too.

Benefits of a plant based diet, by Luke Jones of herohealthroom.com



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Vote with your pocketbook on GMO foods

GMO means Genetically Modified Organism.

Over 60 countries around the world require GMO labeling or ban GMOs outright. But not the U.S.

The food companies on the left of the graphic spent tens of millions of dollars in the last two labeling campaigns – in California and Washington State – to prevent you from knowing what’s in your food. You can even the score by switching to the brands on the right; all of whom stood behind the I-522 Right to Know campaign. Voting with your pocketbook, at every meal, matters. You can read more about GMOs on Dr. Mercola’s website.

You can access the Shoppers’ Guide to Avoiding Genetically Engineered Food for yourself.

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Unwitting Public Consuming More GMO Foods While Evidence Of Harm Continues To Mount

A Russian study found that over 55 percent of the newborn rats from females fed genetically engineered soy flour before, during, and after pregnancy, died within three weeks and 36 percent were underweight. By comparison, only 9 percent of the offspring of rats fed non-GM soy died and less than 7 percent were underweight.

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5 Simple Things You Can do for Better Health

Lots of great ideas in this simple post.

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How to Identify Genetically Engineered Food

This is a very helpful post on a subject that we Americans are woefully ignorant about.


SwissChiropractic's Blog

Biotech and chemical companies such as Monsanto and DuPont don’t want to make it easy for you to know which products on your local supermarket shelves contain Fgenetically engineered foods (also known as genetically modified organisms or GMOs).  They spent tens of millions of dollars to defeat a California proposition that would have required labeling of these products.

The food industry is also generally against GMO labeling, since many large food companies use genetically modified ingredients in their products and do not want the added expense and complexity of complying with state-by-state packaging regulations.  Nor do they welcome the idea that some consumers might change their buying habits based on this new information.

Based on a number of animal studies, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) advised doctors “to educate their patients, the medical community, and the public to avoid GM (genetically modified) foods when possible and provide educational…

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