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Food textures affect perceptions of healthiness – Study

Looks are deceiving. Turns out that textures and also give us divergent impressions about a substance, in this case the food we eat.

The texture of certain foods may impact how much health value people believe they contain. Foods that have less explicitly textured surfaces are perceived to be tastier, but not healthier, according to Anglia Ruskin University (ARU).


New research has demonstrated how food producers could change the surface texture of products to change people’s perceptions and promote healthy eating.

The study, led by Consumer Psychologist Dr Cathrine Jansson-Boyd of Anglia Ruskin University, investigated people’s perceptions of identical biscuits with six different textures.

Published in the journal Food Quality and Preference, the research involved 88 people rating the six oat biscuits on healthiness, tastiness, crunchiness, chewiness, pleasantness and likelihood of purchase based only on their visual appearance, not on their taste or touch. Continue reading

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