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How to Make a Lunch Salad Fill You Up

As a retired guy, I am usually home at lunch and have no problems getting heatlhy foods into me, but I know that a lot of you are still out in the workforce and have limited lunchtime resources especially when it comes to healthy reasonable calorie foods.

Here is a suggestion I ran across on the web somewhere that made a lot of sense to me. It may help you the next time you find yourself at the salad bar.

First of all, many folks who choose a salad bar for lunch try to limit their calories by using little or no salad dressing. The problem with this is that the greens alone are not enough to keep your blood sugar up for the rest of the afternoon. You haven’t helped yourself if you are starving by mid afternoon and having food fantasies instead of being able to concentrate on your work.

If you use some light salad dressing you can add fat, and yes, calories, but the fat is a source of energy that can help to get you through the afternoon. Also, put some protein on that salad, too. Does the salad bar offer chicken, eggs or fish? You can add some very important protein that will benefit you throughout the day as well keep you away from the vending machine in the afternoon.

With these simple additions you can make a visit to the salad bar a success instead of a source of frustration.


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