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Are plant-based ground beef alternatives healthier than ground beef?

A growing number of Americans are giving plant-based ground beef alternative products a try, with the aim of eating healthier and protecting the environment.

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To find out if plant-based products are in fact healthier, School of Public Health (SPH) researchers studied the nutritional quality of plant-based ground beef alternative products compared to that of ground beef. Their findings were recently published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

To make the comparison, researchers used the SPH Nutrition Coordinating Center Food and Nutrient Database, which includes 37 plant-based ground beef alternative products produced by nine food companies. 

The study found:

  • Plant-based ground beef alternative products available in the U.S. marketplace tend to be a good or excellent source of a number of nutrients such as fiber, folate and iron.
  • Most of the plant-based ground beef alternative products contained substantially lower amounts of saturated fat than ground beef. 
  • Among the plant-based ground beef alternative products examined, most contained substantially less protein, zinc and vitamin B12 than ground beef. 
  • Many plant-based products contained moderate to high amounts of sodium.

“Switching from ground beef to a plant-based ground beef alternative product can be a healthy choice in some ways,” says study lead Lisa Harnack, a professor in SPH. “We recommend that people read the Nutrition Fact panel to choose a product that best aligns with their health and nutrition goals.”

Harnack added that it’s important to examine the nutritional quality of other plant-based meat alternative products, such as those intended to replace chicken, pork and seafood.


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What about those fake meat products?

I have been hearing a lot lately about the new fake meat, plant-based, products that are becoming so popular. Are they really healthier than meat? Here is a super rundown from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

ham burger with vegetables

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Plant-based alternatives to animal-based foods are not a new phenomenon. Tofu, for example, has often been treated as an alternative to meat for centuries. In more recent decades, food companies have processed mixtures of soy and other legumes, grains, and a variety of plants into burgers, nuggets, sausages, and other meat-shaped products. These creations were often targeted towards a vegan or vegetarian demographic, and despite their appearance, were not necessarily intended to completely recreate the taste of their meat-based counterparts.

However, a new generation of plant-based meat alternatives is aiming to do just that. In a recent JAMA Viewpoint, Dr. Frank Hu, Chair of the Department of Nutrition, and co-authors including Gina McCarthy, Director of C-CHANGE at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, discuss how popular products like Impossible Foods’ and Beyond Meat’s burger patties are aimed to appeal to a broader consumer base with their “unique mimicry” of beef in both taste and experience. They also note how these products are often marketed as a way to “help reduce reliance on industrial meat production,” aligned with recent reports calling for dietary patterns higher in plant-based foods for both human and planetary health.

Can these novel products be considered part of a healthy and sustainable diet? According to the Viewpoint authors, the answer to this question “remains far from clear given the lack of rigorously designed, independently funded studies.” We spoke with Dr. Hu to learn more about the potential benefits and concerns surrounding popular plant-based meat alternatives.

Although these alternative meats are being made from plants, you suggest caution in applying existing research findings on plant-based foods and human health. Can you talk about some of that evidence, and why it’s not readily applicable? Continue reading

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