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What Everyone Should Know About Inflammation: A Cardiologist Explains

While inflammation is a protector of our health when it’s an acute response, chronic inflammation is a different story. A diverse group of medical illness are believed to be caused in part by chronic activation of the same chemical and cellular processes described above. These include asthma, acne, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and even atherosclerosis of heart arteries. In fact, in 1856 Rudolf Virchow proposed that arterial disease was an inflammation of blood vessels and now, over 150 years later, people who fear heart disease are routinely checked for this process.

Please check out A Beginner’s Guide to Earthing (Grounding) – Part One. I have been practicing Earthing since July and it definitely reduces inflammation in the body. It is like taking an antioxidant shower.


Our Better Health

BY DR. JOEL KAHN    JULY 8, 2013 

Regular readers of MindBodyGreen are aware that a process in our bodies called inflammation is involved in many aspects of human health and disease. For example, you may have read that a breakfast of Egg McMuffins, sleep apnea, obesity and ultra-exercise are inflammatory, while turmeric, meditation and the Mediterranean diet are anti-inflammatory, and so on. Lost in the search for vitality and longevity is an understanding of what inflammation is and what can be done to tame it. In many ways, inflammation is a Goldilocks process – you don’t want too much or too little, but just the right amount.

When I explain inflammation to patients, I point out that the middle of the word is “flame,” and that it comes from the Latin “I ignite.” Inflammation is a complex process of cells and chemicals in our bodies standing ready to fight…

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How to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercising – Try Earthing

No, I haven’t lost my mind. Regular readers know that the mantra of this blog is: eat less; move more. I still absolutely recommend those activities. However, I have recently learned of a practice that seemingly gives you a positive weight loss return for almost no effort.


We need to flashback in time a bit. Earlier this month, on July 9 and again on July 14 I wrote about my experiences with Earthing. “What is Earthing? The book Earthing available from Amazon as you can see from the link, says Earthing is walking barefoot outside on wet grass or sand. This allows one to experience the healing powers of the earth simply by touching it.” I wrote that on July 9.


The book reports on a study of 30 healthy rats split into two groups. One group was housed in cages with earthing mats. The control group was not.

According to the book, “The control animals lived in similar, but ungrounded, cages. Blood samples were taken every month for six months and analyzed. Continued grounding resulted in progressive improvements….

“While abdominal obesity was not measured during the rat study above, the animals were weighed in at the first pre-test day and then again at each monthly blood collection time The random difference in average weight between the two groups of middle-aged female rats at the beginning of the study was only 1.2 percent (the ungrounded rodents happened to be insignificantly heavier at the start than the grounded animals) and then grew steadily each month to reach 3.7 percent after six months, the last date that we have received data in this ongoing study. What the numbers mean is that the ungrounded group added an extra 2.6 percent in weight after six months. Both groups were fed the same type and quantity of food. While the difference seems like a trifling amount, it translates to an extra five pounds for a person weighing 200 pounds. ”

It seems logical from this study that just practicing Earthing is enough to ratchet up the burn rate in one’s metabolism. As you can see from the rat numbers, that can amount to several pounds applied to a human being.

Now no one is trying to get you off your diet and exercise program to steal a few pounds. However, if you were to integrate Earthing into your current diet and exercise program it seems you could expect to see even better results.

I am beginning my second month of Earthing. I sleep on an Earthing half sheet, rest my bare feet on an Earthing mat and walk barefooted on grass and sand when I take my dog for walks or when I take breaks from riding my bike. As a result of that activity, I can report postiive results in several areas. I fall asleep more quickly and sleep sounder than I did before starting Earthing. I am experiencing a slight improvement in the arthritis that plagues both my hands. I can report improved digestion and my resting heart rate has declined slightly from the already lower than 50 beats per minute rate.

You can read my Beginner’s Guide to Earthing, Parts One and Two for more details and some very informative videos.


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A Beginner’s Guide to Earthing (Grounding) – Part Two

In the nearly a week since I posted A Beginner’s Guide to Earthing – Part One I have learned some new things about Earthing that I wanted to pass on to you. Also, Paul, the blogger who wrote the original post that got me interested in Earthing sent in a most useful comment that I am reproducing here as it is loaded with good resources.


The Comment:
The website GoingBarefoot.org has much information, including real-life experiences from customers. That website suggests it is the work of Martin Zucker, one of the authors of the book. It also offers a testimonial video. All found by going here: http://www.goingbarefoot.org

One of the items in the earthing sheet kit was a 74-minute, professionally-made film that was fascinating. Guess what! That film is available as a YouTube video. Link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgwF0tpioTU

The website of Kroschel Films who made that film is here: http://www.kroschelfilms.com>

Also do a search on YouTube for the series of films by Dr. Mercola under the general heading of The Benefits of Grounding.

Paul’s blog is called Learning from Dogs, a most enjoyable read.

For the record, I started walking barefooted on five minute breaks from riding my bike in late June. I also took off my shoes to walk the dog on grass, too. Because I realized physical benefits from this practice, I bought the Earthing Starter Kit from Amazon. This kit includes a half sheet for my bed and an earthing mat among other smaller items for $199.99.

What I have learned in the past days of earthing follows:

The arthritis that has plagued my hands for the past 15 years has begun to abate. I hope you non-arthritis sufferers appreciate this. The fact is that arthritis only gets worse. So, this is a major benefit I am reaping from my earthing experience.

I fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper and also sometimes manage to sleep through the entire night instead of having to wake up to empty my bladder.

I had a scraped knee heel completely in something like two days which is about twice as fast as normal.

There have been benefits with my digestion, too.

One last thing I would like to mention is about gardening. Over the years, I have had a number of friends who worked on their garden in the summer. Some planted flowers, some food items. In each instance, I remember the person expressing great satisfaction with the entire experience. I think some of the good feeling may be a result of getting down and digging in the earth. They experienced some positive feelings from earthing even though they (and I) knew nothing about it.

I hope these earthing posts inspire you to try it out. I don’t know any way it can hurt you and it seems very likely that it will help you in a number or ways. I remember years ago when I first started drinking green tea. I was so thrilled at the benefits that I told everyone who would listen to me that they had to try it. A number of my friends and family did try it and I was always surprised at the variety of benefits they realized from it. I think earthing is the same kind of experience.

Please feel free to send in comments on your experiences.


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A Beginner’s Guide to Earthing (Grounding) – Part One

In writing most of the nearly 2000 posts in this blog, I have always felt a reasonable confidence and certainty about my grasp of the subject. I don’t know who said it first, but this time it’s different. I am the beginner. Before late June I don’t believe I had ever even heard of Earthing or its other name Grounding. I stumbled across it in one of the blogs I read – Learning From Dogs.

As a dog lover this title naturally attracted me. There turns out to be a great deal more to the posts than simple dog info. In late June I ran across this post – all about Earthing.

I confess the term ‘Earthing’ was new to me. As you can read in his post, however, the practice seemed to hold very high promise as far as being a healthy practice. Since sleeping on an earthing sheet, his prostate problems improved and he is closer to sleeping through the night. As a plus 70 year old myself, this was music to my ears. I decided to try Earthing.

What is Earthing? The book Earthing available from Amazon as you can see from the link, says earthing is walking barefoot outside on wet grass or sand. This allows one to experience the healing powers of the earth simply by touching it.

Regular readers know that I ride my bike with my dog just about daily here In Chicago. I take breaks around every 30 minutes to let the dog out of her basket and to stretch, etc. My part of the break is to drink something for energy and snack on something healthy (no more than 50 calories). So, when I decided to practice Earthing, I added taking off my shoes and walking around some of the grass on Chicago’s lakefront for around 5 or so minutes each time I took a break from riding. Also, later, when I was walking the dog, I would take a similar break and remove my shoes and walk on the grass, or just sit with my bare feet on the grass. I figure I was Earthing around 30 or so minutes a day in five minute intervals.

After a couple of days of this, I noticed the following changes: I slept better, ie., had to get up less often in the night to use the bathroom. Secondly, the pain in my hands from arthritis seemed to subside somewhat. So, it appeared to be reducing my inflammation. Early in the experiment, I took a bad fall on my bike and tore up my knee. I used emu oil and coconut oil as always on injuries like this, but I found that I healed way faster than usual. It was two days and no sign of the street burn on my knee showed at all. So, that was a third change. Finally, my digestion improved and intermittent signs of constipation disappeared completely. All these effects followed just 30 minutes a day of walking barefoot on grass at the lakefront.

I decided to take the next step and order the Earthing Sheet my fellow blogger had written about. That arrived yesterday and I had my first night of sleep on it last night. I slept uninterrupted for six hours which is about twice as much as I usually sleep. I look forward to learning more about Earthing, I have the book. I also look forward to further health benefits. I am including a You Tube video for you to get some straight scoop directly from the source.

Below is a short Dr. Mercola video on Earthing. I have cited Dr. Mercola previously and consider him a useful source of healthful information.

I called this post A beginner’s guide to Earthing because I wrote it and am a rank beginner. It is by no means meant to be definitive. I plan to post further on the subject with new developments.

As always your comments are welcome.



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